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A new approach to trader interviews

As @CavaliereVerde has pointed out recently, the last time we published a trader interview in English has been quite a while ago.

This is partly because we were not 100% happy with the way interviews were made, with Darwinex deciding which trader to interview and Darwinex asking the questions.

We’re now making a new attempt to regularly publish trader interviews along the following lines:

  • Once a trader has agreed to the interview, we’ll ask the community to submit questions.
  • These questions will be responded by the trader either in written or spoken form (a choice that’s up to the trader). We have done several spoken interviews in the past in Spanish and most are not only informative but also entertaining (examples: MJP, OOS, ZVQ).

We’d also like the community to inform us which traders they’d like us to interview. Still thinking about the best way to organize this :smile:.

In the meantime, we’ve opened up submission of questions for the next trader interview. It will be with Hall of Fame nº 2 HighFive and you’re welcome to submit your questions through this form until October 19th 2019.


Short notice that submission of questions for HighFive (HFD) will be closed tomorrow. Submit your questions for HFD here

The next trader to be interviewed will be Kethal, the trader managing TWR. TWR is currently managing more than 200,000 of investor capital and is included in no less than 5 predefined filters simultanously. Submit your questions for TWR here

Hi @bianka,

I appreciate that Darwinex takes care of its community and asking for their questions for the interview. However, I wonder how Darwinex team selected Kethal for an interview, what’s the criteria? From my point of view interview of any trader will provide tremendous visibility and marketing for his/her darwin, so it should be transparent and fair process.

Best regards,


You are overestimating interviews.
I was interviewed when my LSC was going strong but no boost for investors.
Interview with CavaliereVerde (DARWIN $LSC)
July 2017 : 10 investors :smiley:

How many investors really care to know the trader from inteviews, this community or external sites?
I guess less than 50.


Hi @CavaliereVerde,

I understand your point of view and may be you are right.
Actually, I had big picture in my mind regarding interview of traders from my past experiences of reading such interviews because it was very informative, and interesting.
Thanks for your comment.
Have a nice weekend.


Darwinex Interviews

If you read this the only ceratin thing is that entering after an intervew is bad timing. :smiley:
Traders are always interviewed on highs, it is marketing… :wink:


For the time being, we rely on suggestions coming from inside Darwinex combined with some basic criteria (DARWIN with full Experience score, D-score above 65). But as I mentioned:

So please feel free to recommend DARWINs we should approach with an interview proposal!


also known as the “sports illustrated” cover syndrom.


Welcome to the community! :slightly_smiling_face:

We’re happy to present our first trader interview based on questions from the Darwinex community: Interview with HighFive (DARWIN HFD)

Thank you for those who submitted questions!


I really like the the new format for interviews! :+1:

I suggest an interview to thic ( darwin YZZ )


I have read some very interesting points in this interview

This year I improved risk management, reduced risks and tried to improve overall stability.

The fundamentals of the positive expectations are: rigorous risk management, perseverance, consistency and patience.

The fundamental principles of the trading strategy remain almost unchanged. However, I am changing and improving some filters based on my experience to improve consistency in changing markets.

Analysis of past trades and possible mistakes is also important (High Five).

I really like the new format for interviews (Chema01)


Noted, thank you, we’ll propose it to the trader!

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One of our next interviewees will be TwentyEight, the trader of TDD.

TDD has a €175,296 DarwinIA allocation and has already earned more than €3,000 in DarwinIA performance fees.


Is TDD a hidden gem in a jungle of more than 3,000 DARWINs?

Submit Your Questions Here

The second trader interview 100% based on community questions is already available!

Interview with TwentyEight (DARWIN TDD)

And we’re currently receiving questions for the next one.

YZZ Interview - Submit Your Questions



Any news about the interview to YZZ ?


Up! I am also interested


@CavaliereVerde, @Qaytarlah thic have received the interview questions but haven’t responded yet.

We will keep reminding them. Interviewing managers during a drawdown would have the upside of a less probable post-interview drawdown :sweat_smile:.