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A new start - my portfolio (real - Dec/2018) and my thoughts

YOU ARE RIGHT ! :smiley:

I reformulate…

To make money with stocks you have to be an expert about stocks.
To make money with bonds you have to be an expert, there are pitfalls also here and books written to do this correctly.
The same for crypto lending… the same for crypto arbitrage…
For darwins it is the same: to make money you have to be an expert, there are many pitfalls.
Darwins are more difficult than bonds or stocks but it can be more rewarding.


we can agree on that :slight_smile:

However, I would say it’s actually a LOT easier to build a reasonably well-balanced portfolio of ETFs in comparison to creating a profitable portfolio of Darwins. I have seen a lot of people (including myself) doing the former and not a single one doing the later.
But we are only at the beginning of the Darwinex journey so hopefully, someday it will be possible. :+1:


I am interested in your opinion in this as well. I am using a simple portfolio of 2 ETFs 1)SPDR MSCI ACWI UCITS ETF, 50%, 2)Xtrackers Eurozone Government Bond UCITS ETF 1C,50% but any suggestions would be appreciated. There is a lot of info regarding a US investor but building an ETF portfolio as a european is a whole different story…

yeah, it’s a little cumbersome for European residents because of new regulatory constraints you can’t trade US-based ETFs without a KID :roll_eyes:

So you either get yourself a professional account or you need to look for European counterparts. My ETF portfolio mainly consists of the following positions. The weights are rebalanced monthly depending on volatility and performance. Sorry I won’t provide more detailed information than this. If you are looking for specific ETFs mostly go for the cheapest ones :wink:

Total Stock Market US
Stocks Emerging Markets
Stocks Developed
Bonds Emerging Markets
US Treasury
Real Estate (REI)

Maybe this helps already.


No bitcoin interest I take :smiley:

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thinking of it actually :thinking: … I’ll probably stay on the sidelines for a little longer though


Just wondering… is it possible to manually change the “regular” tag next to the username in the forum?

If yes, I would like to apply for the “bottom seller” tag for my LSC decision to sell almost exactly at the lowest point

(the first 3 dots are partial buys and the last is the sell. LSC up 12,55% from that moment)


It is not your fault, it is impossible to guess darwins.
My darwins run on a 100% mechanical ruleset so they have to be considered a transformation of the market, I am not trying to streighten them with averaging down to be more pleasant.
They behave like the market so they are hard to endure, it is the price to pay to acheive robustness.

Having said that , LSC is not investable so you were right to sell it.

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Bought a part of ULI.

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Ah, but you don’t know it is the bottom yet. The market can be very cruel, s**** on you, and then rubs your nose in it!

I had a similar experience with OLE. Bought it all the way down, sold as it went through 0 overall return, then it bounced immediately, but it has since fallen further.

Contemplating a new portfolio selection method.

  1. Randomly select a list of Darwins.
  2. Attach said list to a dartboard
  3. Filter list by throwing darts.

Bought some more ERQ on this deep. Lets see.


Of course I dont. I was not serious - I just thought I should put out a claim on the “Bottom Seller” tag if it is available before someone else did. From the looks of it my claim seems strong would not you say?

PS I am still joking…


Bought some more of KVL


I forgot - I have bought PFD (little).

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I have adjusted weights in some of my portfolio and I plan to reduce more the amount invested in general. Reason being that I am not profitable (around -2% yearly at this time). Being breakeven is not my objective so the plan is to focus more on buying selling a list of trusted darwins and keeping only a few invested all the time.

Ofcourse as this is still an experiment it will be a cheap experiment so my whole exposure in darwinex will be furthered reduced.


Posting a result pic because there is a not so small change in the portfolio so results wont be comparable: investing almost 50% on ERQ. Also, waiting for the chance to buy some dips on a small selection of darwins and I will readjust from the new year the rest.

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Sold PFD,OOA - waiting to reenter PFD

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Disappointing results for 2019. Lets hope 2020 will be better.


New year and the composition of the portfolio changed somewhat. This is due to the abandonment of the buy and hold strategy (for the most part).

Portfolio composition:

The % of $$ allocated to each varies a lot. LVS,KVL and NTI are almost ready to be dropped as well. Most money allocated (by far) are in ERQ and ULI. Stop losses in place.

Happy new year to everyone with health and happiness.


Sold KVL, LVS. bought JGC.

Composition: ULI, ERQ, PFD, JGC, NTI (order by most $$ allocated.). Some money at hand as well. Let’s see where this takes me.