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A new start - my portfolio (real - Dec/2018) and my thoughts

What do they say in the investors course about realistic expectations?

TBH I dont remember. From a quick search I just did I did not find something but maybe I missed it. Its clear though that the course is conservative in the risk of the portfolio creation and gives various warnings about darwins with estraordinary returns but short trackrecord.


Bought 1/2 of ZXW.


Sold STP and ONE. The trader of ONE has not made a topic here to describe the changes he is implementing so I dont know what is going on so I prefer to stay out at the moment.


Hello, I don´t know how works the community, I am the trader of darwin #ONE, my blog in spanish is
I wrote a post with the new plan of trading in #ONE

I will try traduce the spanish blog to english


Waiting to buy LSC.

(20 char)

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Can you provide the updated composition of the portfolio?

investment not distributed equally


Sold UEI.

Last 6 months the strategy seems changed and I dont see the trader as active on this forum so I dont know what is going on - if all is well. Till I hear some news I prefer to stay out at the moment.

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There are few investors investing both KVL and LSC :

  • Me
  • @forexelate
  • A friend that knows me from 25 years
  • A very good trader known here in the community :wink:
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It is not a problem of six months but a single event, the problem is not the strategy but the behaviour of the trader.

This is the kind of stuff that should be explained by the trader, probably there is no explaination only revenge trading with a happy ending.
UEI is an intraday strategy while here we have 3 trades waiting a recovery for 2 weeks…

I am still keeping UEI in my portfolio but this doesn’t mean I havent noticed this or I approve, I prefer to stick to my ruleset with the mechanical exit rule (return <0 on 1y and 2y)


I looked at CP of the last 6 months and I did not like it (thats why I said “something changed last 6 months”). I have not looked at the trading journal but I think Cp paints a good picture fast. Maybe I should though cause I guess this is not too accurate.

Scores are lagging, if you want a compact portfolio of trusted darwins you have to look to raw data, mainly trading journal.

I keep UEI because I dont’ want to sell low but if it appeared on my filters today I would not buy it beacuse of trading journal.

I agree with your SELL because yours is a compact portfolio, with 30 darwins I can be more tolerant.

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Added some BSL on this dip. Its a short term play and I plan to add some more if it falls with stop losses in place.

edit: added some ERQ when someone selled. ERQ is a large % of portfolio now


Have sold BSL and bought some more ZXW

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Bought a small part of LSC.


sold PUZ and a little ERQ (FEQ,STV,OOA are maybe next - I’ ll see at the end of the month). results are meh in general so far (-2,6% this year) so I am thinking to downsize my portfolio in darwinex. its a cool idea and i love darwinex but i need to make $$ - not lose slightly


in those 9 days I have sold FEG and STV

portfolio consists of


(not equal weights)

from 1/12/2018 till 30/6/2019 total 0,71%. being in the black is refreshing


last few days I am following a trader that he is very good (crypto trading) - oh god I hope he decides to join our community. it would be perfect if we had a crypto strategy to diversify. not sure if that can be done but I threw the idea his way… :smiley:


@asder34 :
Perhaps a good point to specify (DARWINs based on cryptocurrencies) here :slight_smile: :

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