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A proposal for Darwinia

I appreciate that Darwinex published the real allocation of the of the current DarwinIA winners. So I’ve made the math and got to around 2.5 Mill. € of real allocation, in total. I guess some DarwinIA winning traders are now motivated to start to add more funds to the accounts since it can now to seen how much the winner have missed because of “underfunded” account. Although, EZC for example, might be a bit frustrated to get only 4k allocation instead of 170k. But if the trader is consistant over longer period of time and add some funds to the account, the frustration level should diminish and the glass should be seen as half full instead of half empty, as they say. On the long run though, it would warmly welcome back the 4 Mill. of real allocation :slight_smile: . I’m curious to see if it can be achieved by the traders themself.


this is sad and honestly think more unfair than not, but then again it makes everyone work harder, wait longer, have more pure intentions, be more cautious, etc.

I was ranked #11 until the last two days of the month, and by dropping to #38 at end of November my allocation really didn’t change that much because my trading equity is at about EUR3100.

This is what’s weird to me. In one way, this doesn’t motivate me more, but of course I also can allocate more capital to my trading account in the coming months… just really doesn’t change anything on my end… even though I guess investors might be more confident with me having slightly more “skin in the game”… in the end the biggest part of the change is enjoyed by Darwinex.

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This happened to me almost every month, because months are noise.
Luck plays a big role on monthly return but on the long run the good ones stack allocation.
It is just one race, the championship matters.


I think that this rule was designed exactly for cases like EZC .
The trader already earned 7k from fees and still runs a darwin factory .
Now he has to make a choice and lead investors to his trusted strategy.


He never said so, the rank changed because of return .
What he is saying is that now having high rank with low equity is a bit useless.


We have to get used to the new game rules, or look at other brokers and compare. The Darwinex opportunity has been diminished for many traders. It is a fact.

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It is a very good filter.

If a guy claim ten years experience, strong, profitable, and robust EA since years but dont have more than 1000 bucks to sustain his strategy, I dont want to invest on it.

Second point : when he throw a mini lots (0.1) and darwinia follow with 300 000€ AUM, Darwinex could have to send 34 lots witch is a disaster about divergence.

One could oppose to me that it is not the point because of notional amount with Darwinia AUM. I dont care about it. The fact is that providers try to hunt much AUM as possible. If they realy want it (Darwinia or investor), they have to be serious about money.


There are several reasons a trader don´t wish to put too much money in a strategy. It is not necessarilly because he doesn´t trust in it. I know some traders having better return trading with small equity, others trading high VAR, other low VAR, others in 15m. time frame, others 1 Day time frame, and others haven´t been trading for 10 years and dont have the money, and others have the money but they prefer to pay the mortgage with that…so, don´t assume it is because they don´t trust the strategy. Trading is a mental game, and sometimes any small change can be make a great strategy become a mess. I don´t think an investor want a trader who is having good results make changes on anything and put the outcome at risk. I think the trader has to forget about investors, and trade for himself.

I think a trader have to be serious about trading great, not about money or make happy someone else. Since the moment you focus on money, or you are not comfortable with anything, your results are at risk.

And of course, every investor thinks different way, same every trader do.



I have had to read again my own post two or three time. I never said that.

So, don’t assume that I said what you think that I could have said. :sunglasses:


I am not assuming, if you read several of your post it is clear to me you think that a trader who don´t support his strategy with equity is because he dont trust his own strategy or himself…

Anyway, maybe I am the only one understanding that. But thats fine, each individual is a world and it free to think anything, right? :sunglasses:

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According to AMA-webinar it seems that we have to be happy with plain equity.
Also investment in own darwin won’t be considered in short term.
Luckily I doubled my accounts in the meantime with a stable VAR :smile_cat:


Back to “everyone for themselves”
Instead of the community built on the Forex dream that the guy with smaller capital can be aided, supported, and facilitated to climb up into a trading lifestyle where he can support his life solely on trading proceeds.
I guess, to be fair, each site does their best to support the interest of traders, but in the end they are all businesses and must maximise their own profits for their shareholders and directors.
So all the marketing HYPE that attempts to sell the dream is somewhat misleading.
I have climbed a long way up this Forex mountain, dodged all the slimy things along the way, and now I have 3 profitable strategies, 35 fund clients, and 270 trade copying clients. So I can rest a bit now. My strategies are profitable, as long as I keep trading with the same plan and risk management.


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A proposal for Darwinia

As you can read above everyone was asking for a normalized equity or net risk, but it seems it is not a priority for Darwinex…:neutral_face:

Months are passing so it is better to adapt to actual conditions.


Instead giving up, why don´t keep knocking the door?

It was something to do at once, after 3 months everyone had the time to fix var and equity.
Unfortunatelly Darwinex is quite slow in doing this kind of changes.

  1. I knocked at least 3 times and I dont’ like to repeat myself. :slight_smile:
  2. I am comfortable with the current rules, just like @JJENSLOPFAM and @KlondikeFX that were promoting the improvement of normalized equity. It is not our battle, there are hundreds of low equity or high var traders that could knock the door.

something I’ve been thinking…

Can Darwinia final month standings / totals be kept online at the end of month so that we know how we ranked?
Is the only way to know our final rank to check the Blog like 3 days after the end of the month?


Yes , you can always record or do a screenshot of the last ranking of 31 evenining.
BTW waiting 3 days and the official blog post doesn’t seem a big problem.

Everything is automated but I think there is some kind of supervision on the final rankings, it is the only ranking that matters. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback.

Just for the record, the rank is published on the first working day after the competition finishes.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Haven’t found time to check the Darwin API yet but will dive into it soon. By chance, do you get access to the DarwinIA current rankings and past results from it ?