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About MDU and number of trades

Hello everyone, I am the creator of MDU.

These days of quarantine I am taking the opportunity to analyze the results of the last year and apply optimizations.

By the way, if someone has not read it yet, I recommend the book “the 80 20 principle” about the idea that 20% of the actions returns 80% of the results, and vice versa.

Following this idea, I have seen that many trades, 80%, are successful on very few occasions, and yet there are other types of setups that are quite successful.

Ideally, only keep the setup top 20% that offers 80% of the results, and having fewer inputs, you can increase the leverage on each input.

The problem is that I already carry out very few operations, and if I limit them even more, at this rate I will never get 10 experience, which is the attribute that is weighing all others.

The question is, to invest in a Darwin, do you have any number of minimum monthly entries?Do you think it’s a good idea to limit operations to this darwin even more, in favor of a better R: R ratio, or keep it like this?


There are ways to cheat EX but if I were you I would keep trading as you are doing now.
If you reach 3 years of trackrecord and 50% return there will be a lot of investors even with a low DScore.
Serious investors look for long trackrecords.