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Advanced Darwin Filtering Tool

There are 6 darwins with an equity of 107625 :wink:

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O.O Oops? Oh my… I’ll take a look asap when I get near a computer
@CavaliereVerde give me an example? I can’t find it…

Edit: I thought you meant that I forgot to redact 6 darwins with high equity… That’s not what you are saying, right?

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I found

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Oh, those are 107.625 -> 107. There is a dot there
Edit: I’m guessing different standards, since you seem to use comma to denominate fractions


I am using italian open office calc . :slight_smile:
BTW I substituted dots with commas , I prefer dots (I am a scientist) but the spreadsheet use commas for numbers.
The important thing is converting to numbers with the VALUE() function , as on the csv everything is a text .


Any hope of adding trading equity on the tool? I know you have probably moved on but…

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Unfortunately equity history isn’t available through the api


Any way to filter by the current equity (interested in the above 10K equity darwins) combined with the above functionality of the tool ?

Hm, I think you can download the equity data file, and

  1. Filter in excel by sorting there
  2. Get filtered results from filtering tool
  3. Get set intersection of results?

I cannot easily add equity filtering into the tool, because I didn’t gather the equity data - because data contains closed Darwins as well, and for those equity data is not available - and working with data with holes in it is a nightmare


How are these performing for you?

I re-organized that same list of DARWIN’s in Descending Order in terms of Equity x VAR. in the final column just to make it easier to find the DARWIN’s that (as you say)…[quote=“yhlasx, post:16, topic:4952”]
The idea is to look at Equity * Var value to see the underlying risk!

Data has not been updated since Dec 2018.
See the sorted list HERE.

I also eliminated all DARWIN’s with under $500 equity. Which left only 1153 DARWIN’s.

How are your top 8 performing now, since your last update?

Maybe I’ll just have to look myself… the silence intrigues me.


TBH I stopped monitoring Darwins. I’m only trading myself now. Which is less stressful

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is that at least partially due to the poor results since your last update?

5 January first ROI

13 March second ROI

  1. IFS -> 32.11% ------------------ 15.77%
  2. XSD -> 59.76% ------------------56.82%
  3. ECB -> 57% --------------------- 36.42%
  4. OCO -> 32.37% ---------------- 30.89%
  5. AKO->
  6. TKT ->
  7. XBT ->
  8. JXT ->

Oh those Darwins weren’t the ones I invested in. I just thought they were interesting Darwins with potential -> after sifting through equity and Var Data.

The main reason I quit investing in Darwins is because I can’t relax and work on other stuff - I cannot leave the investment be - so I stopped investing and decided to trade myself.

This way, when I have no open trades, I can be at peace.