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Advantage for early investors

Hi all,

I’m curious to know if there is some kind of advantage for early investors in a darwin (as I believe there should be). I’m thinking mostly here at some kind of Divergence benefit.

I guess what I’m trying to find out is: If the Darwin provider opens a position, in what order are the positions for the investors created? All at once, or First Investor First Fill (what I would like it to be), or Smallest Investor to Largest Investor, or even something else?


You have usually a higher divergence if a high investment volume is to trade. That implies the opposite for investing in Darwins with low AuM.

As far as I know , at once .

If an investor is in he gets the same execution.
The advantage of the early investors is that they stacked more return, if the darwin fills up it means it is really good.

From Darwinex blog:

DARWINs replicate their provider strategy with a bit of latency. At the time of writing, the DARWIN replication sequence is:

  1. Provider’s account trades,

  2. Bridge auctions trader volume with LPs

  3. Bridge fills the trader and informs our risk engine

  4. Risk engine routes a block trade for all investors

  5. Execution engine breaks up the investor block in partial legs

  6. Allocation engine computes all legs’ volume weighted average price (VWAP), after the bridge confirms the last leg,

  7. Investors trade at the VWAP price