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Alpha Code of Conduct

Alpha Code of Conduct

  1. We don’t always get it right, we f*ck up, we get very frustrated.
  2. We work on our own frustration.
  3. We’re here to help others overcome their own frustration, not to vent our own.


This community forum is home to the #TraderMovement: a movement by and for traders to make financial markets inclusive and meritocratic.

Its administrators and moderators are either traders themselves with public track records (e.g. $PLF, $ULI), or relevant Darwinex personnel with rigorous training in financial markets.

The forum is a place for like-minded people to share their work, views and anything in between, conduct Q&A of their peers and/or Darwinex Staff and leverage the cumulative experience and expertise of the community for mutual benefit and potential gain.

However, while “anything in between” is a means for Darwinex to encourage free speech (and it will always remain so), it also means that participants on this forum have a responsibility to their peers of maintaining decorum, of ensuring that their contributions provide value to others and the trader movement.

What we aim to achieve on this forum is a collaborative atmosphere that enables all its members to learn and thrive, with the ultimate goal of becoming better traders and changing the financial landscape.

Constructive participation will go a long way in contributing towards this aim, and it is our combined responsibility as a community of traders (not just Darwinex Staff) to further that goal.

Darwinex lives and breathes entirely due to Organic Acquisition:

  • We don’t spend on direct acquisition / advertising
  • We don’t pay affiliates (indirect acquisition) to bring us more meat for the burger factory, as you’re probably aware is the standard practice at several brokers.

The only way we grow as a movement, is when people recommend the Darwinex ecosystem for the benefits it serves the trading world.

Destructive participation not only hurts the experience of other participants on the forum, it hurts Darwinex, very seriously.

It takes one ill-thought out destructive exercise to turn weeks of our organic efforts upside down.

So please… if you value the movement, if you value what Darwinex is doing to change the industry for the better, please think things through prior to engaging with other peers.

It is not the sole aim of this community forum to publicize strategies and DARWINs, but rather to help their respective managers share their efforts with the rest of the Darwinex ecosystem, to incorporate feedback and improve their existing or future efforts, to name a few things.

Constructive commentary is therefore encouraged as a means to achieve this objective.

What is constructive commentary?

Constructive does not mean “always happy, joyous, full of love and life and never anything else”.

Commentary and general discourse may well need to be “questioning" at times, in search of answers relevant to investing decisions, for example.

What “constructive” DOES imply is that before posting anything on the forum, it is imperative for you to ensure that your contribution ticks the following boxes:

:heavy_check_mark: Is it professionally stated?

:heavy_check_mark: Does it add value to the conversation? e.g. if you are being sarcastic, that is a personal tendency, not one that will help drive a constructive conversation. So don’t do it, period.

:heavy_check_mark: Will it be perceived as a question or an attack?

:heavy_check_mark: Will your choice of words incite a valuable response or an aggressive defense?

:heavy_check_mark: Is the intent behind your contribution sincere? Is your question to get an answer or to get exposure for yourself?

:heavy_check_mark: Will your choice of words / verbiage likely be considered appropriate by the recipient and the rest of your peers on the forum?

:heavy_check_mark: If you’re making a claim (about something or someone), is there evidence behind the claim and is that evidence available in plain terms to the rest of the community?

“I think you are X!” isn’t as powerful (nor appropriate) as “I think you might be X, based on A, B, C and D of publicly available information. Could you shed some light on this please? Thanks.”

:heavy_check_mark: If your contribution is an opinion, will the opinion offend someone or the person you’re directing the opinion towards?

If it will offend, is there a better way to say what you’d like to say, without causing offence?

If not, could you possibly consult other peers about the most appropriate way to deliver your statements / make your sentiments known?

Most importantly, does your opinion “make sense to publicize”?

It is one thing having an opinion (and that is always encouraged and is your right).

It is entirely another to publish an opinion that you may need to think through better, without thinking about the context nor the consequences of publicly sharing it.

When you exercise that right (which you will always be entitled to), you must ensure that your opinion is meant to incite constructive reasoning, and doesn’t run the risk of creating impressions among bystanders of unnecessary, ill-advised panic, disorder or any other negative tendency that would be completely uncalled for had you thought your approach through better.

When you exercise that right on this forum, you are responsible for both the environment you create and the consequences you drive as a result.

It simply isn’t good enough on a forum such as this to start/provoke fires without having the fire station on speed dial.

:heavy_check_mark: If your contribution references a problem, does it make more sense to raise the problem directly with the relevant people or to publicly raise the issue?

In the latter case, does publicly raising the issue actually address the issue or create unnecessary tension or conflict?

e.g. If you believe that the trading behaviour of a DARWIN deviates from the description provided by the DARWIN Provider, does it make more sense to:

  • ask the provider to explain the discrepancy, or
  • publicly claim that the provider is making misleading statements?

The two things above have entirely different consequences, and will invite entirely different responses from those they are intended for.

Think about that prior to choosing one of the two.

To facilitate the evolution of a vibrant community fueled by constructive discourse, we have put into effect the following moderation policy:

Moderation policy

  • In the #darwin-introductions category, DARWIN providers will be able to post detailed introductions to their DARWINs for investors to see. These threads will require moderator approval. For such topics we will assume that the author will publish regular updates. When replying to a topic by a DARWIN manager, forum members are expected to direct themselves to the original poster (the manager).

  • In the #darwin-analyses category, all other forum participants will be able to start independent discussions, analyses, reviews etc pertaining to any DARWINs of interest. Independent DARWIN analyses are highly encouraged as always, and are the lifeblood of this forum. They are expected to be fact-based, objective in terms of content and respect the community forum guidelines as well as this moderation policy.

  • Impersonating the manager, or attempting to say what you “think” the manager is or would say that is intended to defame or negatively impact the individual in some way, will result in the relevant commentary being flagged as inappropriate and deleted from the relevant forum thread.

  • The following behaviours are discouraged (and will lead to moderator action to maintain the peace) on this forum as they simply add no value to anyone’s experience, let alone the forum’s:

    • Sarcastic provocations / slander / misguided statements / attacks / name-calling.

    • “Making firewood out of a fallen tree.”

    • Sharing frustration or a willingness to defame someone, disguised as personal opinions with the pretext of “protecting other peers”.

    • Panic-driven negative assertions about any DARWIN manager during periods of drawdown.

This moderation policy is subject to continued revision and may be modified with no prior notice provided.

Let’s work together towards our mutual goals and make this community a constructive place for everyone!

Thank you very much for your cooperation. :darwinex: