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Analysis of Top Darwins by AUM and No. of Investors

FSK is definitely more about the returns than the Darwinia exposure…


Hello my friends!

In my opinion, the return plays the general role which determines how investors will look to your darwin for investments. I know it by my skin. When you see the return, aum, and the return schedule - you make your decision.

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5th October 2019 UPDATE

Last Month
19 Darwins have netted +5 or more Investors (net gain)
20 Darwins have netted -5 or more Investors (net loss)
96 Darwins have netted positive No. of Investors
192 Darwins have netted negative No. of Investors

Last 3 Months
27 Darwins have netted +5 or more Investors (net gain)
53 Darwins have netted -5 or more Investors (net loss)
148 Darwins have netted positive No. of Investors
260 Darwins have netted negative No. of Investors

Interesting to see how Darwins are gaining or losing Investors. ‘Last Month’ period is maybe too short but ‘Last 3 Months’ can give rough idea.
More Darwins have lost investors than gained on overall basis.
In +5 or more category twice as many Darwins made losses than those who gained Investors.
Could this be sign that Investors are moving from failing Darwins to consistent ones? Or the explanation is different?


@Livenemaxx In that time period we were discussing here problems with putting together decent Portfolio in present conditions here at Darwinex platform.Maybe people have read that and got some ideas.It is natural that people migrate to winners,real winners not migrated ones.
As time goes by,more good traders will be available and majority of investors will have accumulated enough experience and knowledge.So even a newbie will be able to profitably invest right from the start,simply by investing in Portfolio made of filter Most Invested darwins,as @CavaliereVerde suggested recently.


Exact, following AUM or investors is starting to work, because some darwins are starting to attract both noobs and experienced investors.
A decent part of investors has also learned to buy low.

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We are few posters but there are 50 users that log in the community every day and this mean that non logged readers are many more.
I hope a significat part of investors is taking advantage of our knowledge.


It’s starting to work until it stops. In the end, if that will become the ‘default investor behavior’, then the Top 20 most invested Darwins will constantly be at their maximum capacity, right? And new investors will have to turn elsewhere, most likely the Trending filter by your logic?

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Trending filter has never worked, following a crowd of noobs that runs after lucky darwins does not work.

Yes there is capacity problem.
When darwins with 3 millions of capacity will be full investors will move to higher capacity darwins, so following AUM will always make sense.

Here we reached a certain amount of wisdom, from now on this criteria will work, maybe thare are better criterias but it will be a simple and working starting point for investors.

Now we have a critical mass of investable darwins and a critical mass of wise investors.

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October seems to be positive for Darwin Exchange.
Nice almost $6M increase in AUM for Top21 Darwins. Majority of it is $4M investment into GFA.

Maybe I should remove Darwin JIR with $1.6M. It stopped trading in April 2019 and all 7 investors came on board after July 2019.


From numbers we can see that investors and invested money are moving slowly to the Top Darwins.
Darwin JIR with $1.58M AUM has been inactive since April 2019.

Markets in November haven’t been very generous to most invested Darwins.
Out of 33 Darwins with AUM over $100K, only 5 Darwins managed to generate profits over +1%.


November has been a losing month in general, there are some exceptions but I am managing 3 different portfolios and everyone is negative in November, just like August, while October was green.
Darwins are not so uncorrelated as I thought, hundreds of ways to trade the market but often they catch the same movements.


Yeah, I would also expect that Darwins would be much more uncorrelated. Let’s see if December will be more generous and gives opportunity to close year on strong note.

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November was quite difficult ,but HFD proved that he is a real trader and deservedly achieved status of the most profitable darwin since the beginning of this investment platform.Lets hope other discretionary traders will find him as an inspiration and persevere.There is a lot of capital waiting to be deployed.


Well market conditions have been testing. I had a losing month due to commissions. Net points I was up by a few points. Stock markets are range bound and there is no volatility. But things should change next year

Oh well, that escalated quickly :joy::joy::joy: I must admit I didn’t see that coming, but rode it anyway

Darwin JIR with $1.58M AUM has been inactive since April 2019 and Darwin ERQ with $668K AUM has been inactive since September 2019. These two Darwins are not shown on the website using ‘Investor Capital’ filter and I haven’t included them in the analysis.

Markets in December have been impacted by UK elections and more US-China trade talks.
Out of 31 Darwins with AUM over $100K; 9 Darwins managed to generate profits over +1%, 6 Darwins lost over 4% and 2 Darwins lost over 10% in December.

There are 105 Darwins, who generated at least +20% in 2019 (those that traded all 12 months on 2019). Out of those 105 Darwins, 61 Darwins are invested today and 11 Darwins have over $50K AUM.

This is list of Darwins, who generated over 20% with minimal DD in 2019 and have under $10K AUM.
Let’s see how they will perform in 2020.

To all traders/investors, I wish Happy New Year 2020.


If 420 strategies were profitable in 2019, how is that so little AUM overall? Could this be linked to poor marketing strategy, volatilty or too short track records…?

Yeah but 420 strategies out of? I see almost 5000 strategies in the Darwinia. If it is 420 strategies out of 5000, I don’t think it says much.
If you put 5000 random people to trade, one flipping a coin, one rolling the dice, one checking the weather before opening a trade… I think you are not going to be too distant from 420 out of 5000.
Of course, this doesn’t mean that Darwinex runs short of good traders. Just saying that that number, in my opinion, doesn’t say much.

A real problem, I think it is related to the liquidity pool. This is the source of many problems, in my point of view. Not only bad trading conditions like the SWAP rates, also capacity that is limited and some Darwins are damaged by managing millions in AuM. Well, maybe not the Darwin itself, but the investors who have money in that Darwin.

Darwinex is relatively young and has room to improve its service in the next years. I see from the Forum that they have already done a lot during these years, so, personally, I can propose suggestions from time to time, but I leave them doing their job and I will focus on mine, that is trading.


Agreed, but I’m afraid it’s a chicken vs. egg problem.
Darwinex needs better pool to help solve divergence issues and attract more Investor money, but maybe their LPs require a higher volume first to give better execution conditions…
This is speculation on my part, to be confirmed by Darwinex

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