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[ANNOUNCEMENT] API Darwin Info - filtering products by d-score and/or investable attributes

Darwin Info API 1.5

An update has been done over the POST /products method to allow filtering by d-score and attributes in addition to previous posible existing values.
In the case of the attributes, the allowed values for min and max are doubles between 0 and 10, and the period is not required at the moment as it is always “actual”.


curl -k -X POST "" -H  "accept: application/json" -H  "Content-Type: application/json" -H  "Authorization: Bearer <bearerToken>" -d "{  \"filter\": [    {      \"name\": \"Ex\",      \"options\": [        {          \"max\": 10,          \"min\": 9        }      ]    }  ],  \"order\": \"ASC\",  \"orderField\": \"productName\",  \"page\": 0,  \"perPage\": 10,  \"period\": \"1m\"}"


    "productName": "AAN.4.2",
    "currentInvestment": 613.46,
    "investorsByPeriod": 0,
    "returnByPeriod": -10.148320129298972,
    "drawDownByPeriod": -18.55034251292763,
    "period": "1m",
    "buyAllowed": true,
    "conditionalBuyAllowed": true,
    "conditionalSellAllowed": true,
    "sellAllowed": true,
    "quote": 81.72,
    "quoteDate": 1558454887743,
    "returnPercentage": -4.097203731536865
    "productName": "ABH.4.21",
    "currentInvestment": 15822.59,

I hope you find this addition useful for your algorithms and bots :wink:


Could you add the posibility to also apply darwinex default filters to this request? For example also filter for Darwins “on fire”, “promising”, etc?