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[ANNOUNCEMENT] API Store Redesigned

Darwinex API Store updated

In advance to the future offering of the API through the web, the Darwinex API Store has been redesigned to have the same styling as the rest of
The contents of the store are the same and this update is only aesthetic.


@jesusbc Looks good. It would be nice if it was possible to access it from without the /store, or if not possible maybe have a redirection.

Does this mean the API will be out of beta soon? :slight_smile:

Hi @SayCanYouRun!

You are right about the default URI so… should be redirecting to the store right now :wink:
I wouldn’t say it will be out of beta, but we are working to offer some options in for the API without having to contact our customer support.


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@jesusbc I see info about the API has been added to the main website at

Does this mean the API is now out of beta and considered production-ready for trading?


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Hi @SayCanYouRun,

We expect to provide public access to the DarwinInfoAPI, DarwinQuotesAPI and QuotesWebSocket very soon. Any client will have an option in their account for requesting a token with access to those APIs. In the back, this request will setup a new application for the client, subscribe the application to those APIs with specific subscription tiers, request a client credential access token and provide the user with this token. Users will also have options to revoke their token and renew it in the web. This token won’t have access to their investor account or to do any trading, so the investor account won’t be compromised with these requests.

Thanks for asking and for your interest!

Kind regards


@jesusbc Very cool. :slight_smile:
What about the InvestorAccountInfoAPI? It’s very useful for monitoring investments, receiving alerts, etc.

Is this API considered production-ready and stable already?

In spite of the fact that we are always working on improve every API, all APIs are very stable at the moment, including the InvestorAccountInfo API. The investor account info API can be used by every beta testers without issues and all information provided is the existing information at the moment of the requests…

But I’m afraid it won’t be available for everyone without using existing or new Beta Access yet.