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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Darwin Info API 1.2 - Get products

Darwin Info API 1.2

I’m glad to announce a new version of the Darwin Info API. This API is now offering a couple of new features highly requested:

1. GET /products

Retrieve a list of darwins. It can return all darwins or a list of darwins in certain status, like ACTIVE, PENDING or DELETED. This request allows the usage of pagination. It means that client decides how many items to return in each request and which page to return in the response. The response is going to return the values and also some information about the number of darwins returned, the total number of pages, … This response is ordered by “productName”.

The following information is returned for each darwin:

  • productName: full product name of the darwin. This product name is the recommended product name to use in all darwinex API. Example: “AAB.4.24”
  • shortName: short product name of the darwin. Example: “AAB”
  • status: it could be ACTIVE for enabled darwins, PENDING for darwins which are pending to be approved before being available to buy or sell. And DELETED for darwins not longer available.
  • migrationDate: epoch timestamp of the migration date. If there is no migration date for the darwin then it returns 0.
  • validationDate: epoch timestamp of the last validation date. Example: 1491074214598. 0 if there is no validationDate (it might be in PENDING status)
  • resetDate: epoch timestamp of the last time the darwin was reset. 0 if the darwin was not reset
  • currency: EUR | USD

2. Deleted Darwins are now available for the DarwinInfoAPI

Deleted darwins were not available for querying in the API. Now they are available in all the API and for each version of the DarwinInfoAPI. Nevertheless, the quality of the information returned is not guaranteed for every deleted darwin.


curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'Authorization: Bearer b60572ba-a407-3b15-b2bb-b35f601ee533' ''  



As usual, all clients have been granted access to this new version of the Darwin Info API. In order to use the new method the url without version can be directly used ( ) or use the version 1.2 in the uri ( )