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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Investor Account Info API 1.1

Investor Account Info API 1.1

The 1.1 version of Investor Account Info API has been in the darwinex store for the last months. Now it is the default version of this API, which means that the url will be pointing to this version.

The major difference between this version and the 1.0 version is related to pagination of requests. In most of the methods of this API there are a couple of optional parameters page and per_page. Per_page specify the number of items to be returned by page in the request, while page specify the number of page to return. By default, the number of elements to be returned in a call is limited if no parameters are specified.

In 1.0 the page 1 and prior pages were returning the same data, the data related to the first page. With 1.1 version, the first page of results will be returned with page “0”.

In addition, some other minor updates have been done in the specification to fix some issues detected with autogeneration of code using the swagger specification.