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I’m proud to announce the Product Quotes Websocket API. This websocket API allows a proper channel to subscribe for product quote updates in real time via websockets protocol.

The main functionalities of this websocket API are the following:

Product Subscription request:

// subscription request
   "op": "subscribe",
   "productNames": [ productNames ]

// response
// the products returned are the products requested which were successfully added. 
   "op": "subscribed",
   "status": OK | WARN,
   "timestamp": ecochTimestamp,
   "products": [ {"productName": ..., "quote": ... } ]

Important: Don’t send more than 100 product names per subscribe request. In order to subscribe to more than a hundred products it is possible to send multiple subscribe requests. This recommendation is a consequence of having a maximum frame size of 65536 bytes.


Once subscribed to products, it is possible to unsubscribe from them. There could be an unsubscription from several products or from all.

// request
   "op": "unsubscribe",
   "productNames": [ productNames ]

   "op": "unsubscribeAll"

// response
// the productNames are the product names with effective unsubscription
   "op": "unsubscribed",
   "status": "OK",
   "timestamp": epoch,
   "productNames": [ productNames ]

Product Quotes

New product quotes will be received for subscribed products.

{"op": "pq", "productName": fullProductName, "quote": quote, "timestamp": epochTimestamp}


There will be a heartbeat being sent from the server periodically to detect if the websocket is still opened and working.

{"op": "hb", "timestamp": epochTimestamp}

Example of websocket API usage in Python 3

# requires websockets (sudo pip install websockets)
# requires asyncio
# requires usage of Python 3
import asyncio
import websockets
import json
from io import StringIO

async def test():
    url = "ws://"
    bearerToken = "<place-your-access-token>"
    stringIO = StringIO()
    async with websockets.connect(url, extra_headers={'Authorization' : 'Bearer ' + bearerToken}) as websocket:
       #Client async code
       json.dump({ 'op': 'subscribe', 'productNames' : [ 'DWC.4.20', 'ULI', 'DWZ' ] }, stringIO)
       await websocket.send(stringIO.getvalue())
       while True:
        response = await websocket.recv()



In addition, we have improved the existing Product Quotes API to allow streaming of quotes via HTTP REST for a time longer than 1 minute. In fact, the streaming should be working now for an hour.



Serious improvements, thanks a lot!


A great improvement, thank you!


Other taste. Using aiohttp and pandas implementation:

import aiohttp
import pandas as pd
import json
from IPython.display import display, clear_output

quotes = pd.DataFrame()
bearerToken = 'your-token-here'
session = aiohttp.ClientSession()
async with session.ws_connect("ws://", headers={'Authorization' : 'Bearer ' + bearerToken}) as ws:
    await ws.send_json({ 'op': 'subscribe', 'productNames' : [ 'DWC.4.20', 'ULI', 'DWZ' ] })

    async for msg in ws:
        if[7:9] == 'pq':
            quotes = quotes.append(json.loads(, ignore_index=True)