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Antivirus warning

Off topic. Does anyone have a problem with darwinex site at the moment? I get a very strange message from my antivirus when accessing only the darwinex site (feel free to delete this post @CavaliereVerde). I have sent a message to the support ofcourse.

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I have no issues but I am not using Kaspersky.

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OK I am continuing to search from my end - a little worried since I dont think it can be from darwinex. I will update when I have news from my side

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No issues here as well.

Hello @asder34,

Are you’re sure it’s directly connected to the Darwinex website ?

I mean : perhaps you have an hidden browser extension / etc. giving such result.

Which are the Kaspersky console details ?

Here is an updated scan of Darwinex : all is fine :slight_smile: .

Keep us updated.

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Well for some reason Kaspersky keeps blocking some contents of darwinex site. Dont really understand what is going on. What I am almost sure of is that my computer does not have a virus and no extension is causing this. It seems that the issue lies on what Kaspersky network is reporting.

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@asder34 :

That’s why I asked about the Kaspersky console : it’s rare but already experienced such false positives even within Kaspersky Enterprise solutions.

As you can double check, Kaspersky considers Darwinex safe :

Your best move is to contact Kaspersky support :

Give the following details, at least :

  • Kaspersky Version
  • Description of the problem
  • Detected URL
  • Screenshot(s)
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Hello everyone, I had the same issue with ESET yesterday. Today it is working well. I had seen this same before: An alert of a trojan blocked, and then next day the alert is gone.

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I still have the same issue with the site FWIW but not on the one

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Curious simultaneity : thanks for reporting it !

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We are going to block access to until the issue is properly analyzed and addressed.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


Back online and updated too! :slight_smile:
Thanx to support guys!


and we are back - problem solved. also, my portfolio is positive - what more can i ask?



Thanks for your patience, guys!

@asder34 congrats on the positive portfolio, keep it up!!


Was hoping we’d get an update on Twitter when the community came back on…Nice surprise to see that it’s been on for a couple of days already!


This time the community is more updated than Twitter.
:+1: :wink:


In Friday’s weekly roundup email from Darwinex it included a link to a blog post from Tuesday about the incident.
In the blog post it said “Since your password is the key to impersonating your interactions with us, we asked you to change it and scan your Darwinex activity logs for unknown activity.

Where were we asked to do this? Did anyone receive an email about changing passwords and checking activity logs?

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Dear @RhysFx,

We did send an email to our entire user base. Can you please check your spam folder?

Subject was “Important - Action Required to Protect your Darwinex Account”.

Please do email us at in case you did not receive it so my colleagues can look into your case.


Err… Don’t know if it’s just me but the main pages (not the community) are not loading completely… Got the logos not showing properly both on chrome and firefox…

The community also somehow still shows that broken page when I try to visit the bookmarked community front page from mobile…

To access the community on mobile now, I have to open a darwin page and then click the community tab. (This is probably why some of us didnt know that the community was back on days ago).

Same here. ( added for minimum )