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API for assets price data

API Suggestions
Hi there, does Darwinex provides an API to pull prices data feed of the actual assets offered for trading? I’d like to monitor prices and portfolio optimization via Python/Gsheet. I don’t need intraday but end of day/close price. I can do it by scraping prices from yahoo but it’d be great to use actual prices of the assets I’m trading in my portfolio. I see the tick data but that’s just historical data and seems to stop in 2019.


Hi @AstronCapital,

Sorry for the delayed answer… There is no current public API for trading, but as you mention we have the historical tick data, where prices can be found until the last hour. You should be able to query prices at the end of the day although you might need to query for them after some time.

This video explains this tick data and there also some references to example code:

Kind Regards