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API rate limit

Is it possible to know the current rate limit for the API ? I cannot find this info anywhere.

By the way, it would be great to provide more info in the response headers, so the user would be aware of

  • the current rate limit set
  • the remaining number of requests allowed
  • the timestamp when the counter will be reset
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Hi @maxlra,

The current rate limits are established per application client, per application client & API and per some other throttling limits.
In particular, all clients requesting direct access token are sharing a limit of 50 requests per minute and most of the clients requesting to use OAuth 2.0 flow are having a limit of 20 request per minute (not shared amongst them). Nevertheless, these limits are being updated over time, with an expected increase in the allowed number of requests in the next weeks.

The response headers with the rate limits could be great to have and I hope we will provide them sometime in the future.


Thanks @jesusbc for your neat reply !

I feel the current rate limit system a bit limiting to fully benefit from the API, but I guess the API offer will be leveraged once the Websocket API will be released :slight_smile: