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Are the spread issues LPs response to a collective toxic flow?

I’m actually pretty surprised to see no discussions on this important subject. I don’t know if it’s a big issue for everyone or even if people notice this, but it’s a pretty massive issue for me.

Let me start by saying that I like this place, I love the idea behind darwinex or at least how it presented to public and I’m grateful to have this opportunity and wouldn’t want to spit into a well that I plan to drink from. But over last 2 weeks I had to email support several times on the same issue and I’m trying to understand the root of it.

This is second monday in a row we see this values in majors after London opening. Not all instruments are effected and strangely enough some actually got a tighter spread atm, XTIUSD for example. So I wonder what causes this to happen pretty systematically. Is this LPs messing with us or is there something else at play?

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Can you see the related EURUSD futures prices anywhere?

If you have gaps there of similar size when the market opened, it would be normal. The behavior on the regulated future markets can be reflected on the LPs pricing as they might use it for refinancing their positions.

I can see the spreads of several other cfd brokers on this pairs and they are much tighter and in the usual range.And we are not talking about the market opening here, it’s already almost 2 hours past Londons and the spreads are still like in the screenshot. And this happened during different hours on the other occasion.

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LMAX has not the best LPs, I’ve read on other websites. My description is much friendlier than the words I read.
On the other hand: I had an TP for closing a short GDAXI position at 10548, and I got a (toxic :wink:) fill at 10544.2 . The spread shown on MT4 was the regularly 0.5 pips. I’m curious to read the delay data for that trade next weekend. I’m also sure that the DAX future on EUREX had a gap at that moment.

More important for your issue:
The spread is secondary and an advertisement for brokers free of charge. If you can compare, compare the bids and the asks when a) the market goes up and b) the market goes down on a 1 or 5 minutes chart.There are low spread brokers running in front of the direction of the market, in both directions, up to 3 pips. That’s much worse for their clients than a 0.8 pips spread.

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Thanks for posting this, @LimitBid!

While you are more than welcome to post your issues here, we’d appreciate if you could contact us at to share your thoughts so we can investigate this in depth and eventually find a solution!



I did sir, but was reassured that everything is fine right away and nothing since then.


… and it’s back to normal.