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AWW – tiger138

This strategy is a necessary strategy for the portfolio, which can be held for a long time. So it’s important to know which quotation point to invest in. because the strategy is mainly long-term band.

You can invest when the quotation amplitude is small. At this time, we can get more profit space with small stop loss.

But, please pay attention to this “but”, the premise of the above method is: it can only be used for our trading strategy. Because other people’s trading strategies we can’t guarantee that they are stable and profitable systems. All of the above methods can only be used in our stable profit system.

About the risk of AWW:

The risk figure looks big, but it’s not! For example: for 1000 US dollars, others can only build 0.01 positions in EA, while our team can build 0.05 positions because the stop loss is very small. Others’ EA can only build 0.01 positions, and our team can accumulate 0.1 positions in one market in three months. Each position is independent.

So the underlying strategy of AWW 2 can control the risk and obtain the maximum profit.