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AYF - Aleinvest

Hello to all. In this opportunity I want to tell you about my operational for you to know more. My strategy is manual. Effective in February 2019, and is based on the system of triple screen, Alexander Elder from a long time ago it suits my way of operating with the objective of having consistent positive returns, The pair mostly traded is EURUSD, the volume and because is the one that I like. The goal of my strategy is the operation in time frames daily looking for good points of risk-benefit. Darwin I’m going to operate for many years I’m only 32 and my goal is a 20% annual gain as a minimum and it is very likely that you can achieve more. If there is any query write to me and welcome.


Hey @Aleinvest, thanks for the introduction!

I’d recommend including a link to your AYF DARWIN so other users can track your evolution.

Trade safe,


Hola Ignacio. Muchas gracias!

Nuevo mes este Julio cerrando en verde! Si desea invierta con confianza y ganemos juntos en el mercado

Hello To all. I want to comment them that am in busqueda of investors, my aim is abministrar capital and my strategy is very metodica and sure, can chequear my returns from February of 2019 from where am applying this system.
If somebody wishes, can invest in my darwin with security and confidence.

Very nice after Feb 19 - what changed?

In February I started operating in a single time frame with system, looking for consistency in positive returns.

AYF is the operation that prioritizes maximizing efficiency in positive returns, to obtain a gradual and constant growth, the management of this account is like a great future investment fund.

Good morning everyone. After this month of December, very positive, shortly after the end of the year and closing it very well with AYF.
I invite you to participate in this robust strategy to be part of a great future fund.
May the year begin well. Cheers!

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Please use this topic to advertise your results without spamming the community.
Thanks and happy trading!


Well, give it to you too.

New Aleinvest profile update.

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Very good December for AYF.
Next year I will try to be among one of the best Darwin.
Regards! and happy holidays!

Good. I am looking for investors for my Darwin, any interested?

Congratulations Aleinvest, you are doing very well.
I think the only reason you don’t have investors yet is because regardless your darwin has already 21 months, you only have a total of 255 trades.
Keep your trading up and you’ll gain visibility along the time. Good trading and Happy New Year!


To read more about the trading of every Darwin, you should always look also at the trading account. That’s not recovered yet.

What do you mean?

Yeah, I know it and of course the underlying strategy should be better, but in Darwinex I don’t think it is so important. Unfortunately here traders are not traders, are darwin performers (that’s the reason I am agaisnt RA atribute). I think it is the main reason most of migrated darwins collapse in the first months until they get used to this atribute.
Anyway, I think AYF has recovered his darwin very well, he didn’t over trade or use over leverage.
Regarless his underlying he will get many investors when his EX atribute increase (if this performance keeps similar). My two cents.


What I meant is much more simple: if he is able to recover completely the underlying account, his Darwin will have more than 50% Return and latest then it will have investors.

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