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AZG - Asgardian1

Thanks for the kind words!

Yes cutting losses short and allowing positive trades to run is the mainstay of the strategy.

Unfortunately, the low ex seems to overshadow everything else in the eyes of investors… Anyways there isn’t anything else I can do other than staying patient :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas and a splendid New year to you and your family too!


Just want to reiterate again that the best time to invest in this Darwin is just before market closes for the week… If that isn’t feasible, then at close of London session each day of the week. Investing midweek or mid large market moves doesn’t help anyone.

Just looking at my dashboard and I can see an investor that bought almost at the peak of the flash crash spike. This doesn’t help the both of us :neutral_face:. Even myself as the trader was fast asleep then.

As a mid-long term trend following strategy, retracements are bound to happen on the Darwin. Investment at the aforementioned times are optimal.


Happy new year!


We are at the mid-year point so it is time for an update.

AZG is at 14% so far this year. I guess I shouldn’t grumble much about this, taking into account the unfortunate January drawdown and the overall state of volatility but unhappy that we haven’t crossed the 20% threshold in H1 of the year as I’d normally expect.

I am sure the few investors that took advantage of the drawdown are happier than I am though!

That drawdown is a sad one because the flash crash was actually initially in favour of the darwin but the ensuing environment after the move was too toxic. As usual, lessons were learnt. A double digit losing month is something we don’t want to see again, especially when it wasn’t a direct hit from a big event that jumped stop loss or similar.

The journey to clear out the high printed by the spike took 5 months but we got there eventually. Pity we have slipped back under it though.

One major change to talk about going into H2 2019: no more open trades going into the weekend. Ideally, all trades will be closed 1 hour to market close for the week max. However, this may change if market conditions dictate so.

EX is still dragging of course due to the trading style but the D-score is coming along nicely. Now really curious to see what it will be when EX is full. Other main scores RS, RA, MC, LA and PF remain consistent.

Thanks to the investors trusting the darwin.

Now let’s see how the year ends. Still hoping to join the VERY few non-migrated darwins in the >2xx.xx group.

Got questions? The rest of my posts on this thread should cover most of the questions but I am always around in case anyone’s got anything else to ask.


good time to get in?

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As is customary, here’s the end of the year post:

2019 was a bad year for discretionary decisions. Lots of fake movements, sharp turns and low volatility. Which meant that wrong decisions were punished faster.

Things I liked:
-Absolutely nothing. Just happy to see the end of the year. But I guess, the stability in risk even in adversity is a positive.

Things I didn’t like

  1. Too many losing months
  2. Deep drawdown
  3. Allowed myself to get sucked into fighting the EX score (very poor I know especially as I still didn’t win).
  4. A losing year.

The year was generally humbling as none of the usual expectations were met. The one huge positive from it, is that I have spent dozens of hours fine-tuning and taking in all the lessons learnt. The core strategy is as robust as ever. The discretionary implementation, on the other hand, is where there was failure and the most lessons have been learnt. Going forward, the discretionary elements will be completed removed. Fixed entry and exit parameters only.

The reduction in equity is only temporary as I am working on a few things. I will start getting it back to previous levels in the coming days/weeks. A new Darwin is in the plan for launch sometime in 2020, but that is until AZG has fully recovered.

Trading resumes in January.

Merry Christmas to everyone!