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Backtest tool for traders and CSV files

Hi all,
I am interested in putting my csv file into the backtest tool and seeing what comes of it.

I downloaded the template (backtest_template.csv) and then copied and pasted those from my own brokers csv statements into the respective titles in the darwin version (there were some differences of title etc)

I uploaded it on two occasions but nothing has happened. I emailed support who said it normally comes back very quickly but it has been a couple of days now. Is this done purely by a robot or is there human interaction with it (and hence the time it is taking)?


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Hi @Dingo34,

I reviewed your case and it seems that the backtests uploaded could not be analysed because of the backtests missing some information (neither of the backtests uploaded seem to include an initial deposit).

Please feel free to get in touch at so my colleagues can review your case.


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I have done some attempts with CSVs but they always failed, for me it only worked with standard mt4 backtests.

Unfortunatelly the analyzer does not return any error code, when it doesn’t digest something it just wait and wait and the job stays pending forever.

If I were you I would not waste too much time with this tool, just go live and create some months of trackrecord.

Thanks. I do plan to but I am still trying to get used to Metetrader. I really don’t like it that much. I have gotten to used to CTrader and some of the functions it has which Metatrader doesn’t. Metatrader doesn’t even have a tool to tell you what a pip is worth in account currency so I had to create my own tool using spreadsheet.

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