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Backtest uploading issues

Hi everybody,
I am trying to upload backtest results, I tried with all types MT4 statement as HTML, and a CSV file made according to the template of darwinex.
I get the message that everything was ok, but then the screen shows the owl and a message “your results will be displayed here”… and nothing happends.
Can anyone help me? am I doing something wrong?

Could it be that trade history you have uploaded is very small? something like 10 trades or 3 weeks?

Possibly it is too small history and the Darwinex algorithm is not able to analyze.

you are right, as test, I was uploading only 100 trades of thast 2 weeks.
Do you know what is the minimum number of trades or timeframe that the Darwinex`s algo is able to analyze?

No, I don’t know the minimum number of trades or minimum time.

Maybe the minimum is 0.6 D-Periods and minimal 31 “natural days”, the same requirement as for creating a Darwin?

Maybe others / Darwinex staff can help you further.

To be honest it is a lot of time that I don’t upload a backtest.
When I was doing the feature was not very responsive.
I think the resources dedicated are limited.
You have to try in different days or different hours.
The size of the file has not to be too big.
100-400 trades should be fine.