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BAD - by easyFX

I didn’t change the rules, business as usual.
Big Drawdown was nearly completly caused by XAUUSD strategies, now they may stabilize but i may going to change them a bit by making them more simple again i think i overoptimized it a bit.


Are you considering to work with more equity?
I know that 1500 at VAR 30% is the same than 4500 at VAR 10% but for Darwinia it is not the same, and also for many investors… :wink:

yes i am going to move more money to Darwinex, since one of the other brokers i work with just doubled my commissions because i trade with an EA… (after 2 years trading with them).

And as long as i am at Dscores 60+ Darwinex is now pretty good in terms of trade costs.

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Even if you don’t upsacle your sizes having more equity here gives you access to a full allocation, with 1500 you will get peanuts this month…

Commissions are not so relevant but being allocated with 20k instead of 200k is relevant.

Well DarwinIA is 70k below my high watermark. I had worst timing with the big allocations, right now my plan is/should be to create a new track record with a more diversified portfolio with less drawdowns.

:smiley: ok but with 200k you would recover HMW sooner than with 20-40k

had to double check, it’s even 70k below :smiley: you were to quick in quoting :stuck_out_tongue:

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As you can see… XAUUSD is failing hard. I am not happy about that. If i would have split both things in different Darwins one would be sooo much better :frowning:

Graph is showing Pips, since short and long is an own strategy, you can basicly see all 4 strategys in this 2 charts. I will have to rework XAUUSD sell.


Hi @easyFX any updates ?

It would be great to have you here partecipating to Community like before.