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Barclays Bank to Banco Sabadell!

@ignacio Could you talk to Payments team about this already? @miguelrDarwinex


Hi @SayCanYouRun,

Thanks for the reminder, I sent them a reminder. They are pretty swamped with the new processes and applications lately.


My colleagues confirm the costs remain the same for deposits and withdrawals, nothing has changed in this regard.

We will keep you posted should there be any changes!


@ignacio Thanks for confirming.

Shouldn’t cost be higher or lower since it’s a different bank as the fees must be different? I understand you just pass the real costs with no profits going to Darwinex, according to the payment methods page.

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@SayCanYouRun the costs we are charged on withdrawals have increased, so we maintain the former costs and bear the additional costs so our customers are not affected.

I can see you seem to be highly interested in this topic, please feel free to email me should you have specific questions on deposits or withdrawals anytime!


On April 5 said that they sent money. Today 13 April money there is no. Sabadell Bank! Perhaps on foot go from Spain in Russia money. Let’s see how long this transfer takes. It has been 6 working days.


Have you made previous deposits to Barclays and were they faster?
I think transfers from Russia can be slower than from EU, just my opinion…


I don’t know Amigo. When I sent from Moscow through Sberbank to Barclays, it was 3 days. Now when I decided to withdraw, that’s the story, waiting for 3 April.


The same problem was here. Money transfer lasted for two weeks(from 30.03.2018 till 13.04.2018) until I sent the support the SWIFT answer to my bank request where my money is and the payment order. Two weeks! Only after that they found my money. Two weeks! In Barclays it took from a few hours to 2 days. Two weeks!

In Russian for Artur:
Артур, пишите в поддержку. У банка запрашивайте информацию от SWIFT по местонахождению средств и полученный ответ отсылайте поддержке.


Yeah, thanks. Monday, if I don’t see the money, I’ll do it!


Hi Artur!

I am sorry you have experiencied this delay, as you know, our Payments department is already working on it.

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When will you offer a second bank as alternative? Barclays needed always a few hours for deposit or withdrawal as it should be in line with the SEPA rules (less than 24 hours)

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@miguelrDarwinex @Artur @naragot

Darwinex should ask or find out when your money arrived at Sabadell.

With the current political situation made by Trump & May against Putin it is also possible, that new anti money laundry rules (mainly: check for new sanctions from the US) forced the bank to hold the money back when it came from Russia. It is also possible that SWIFT was forced to do more checks on the payment.

Nobody will ever tell you that - because information about that will always be confidential. But you can be sure, that also Barclays would have a significant delay if my ideas would be right.

It’s all good, but what does my modest money have to do with it? This money is absolutely clean, it’s sent to me by my broker. A legal entity under the supervision of the FCA regulator. There is a sending of the payment from the broker, then the Bank accepted it and sent it. What questions could there be?


Another thing is if taking advantage of the situation, someone maliciously uses this delay to their advantage. Then you need to find out what’s going on, because it’s a Scam, mayhem or whatever you want to call it. But, I still refrain from conclusions until the situation is clarified. There were no restrictions related to the policy officially!


But, I mean, Darwinex’s support works professionally. None of my letters were left unanswered. Moreover, respond instantly. In any case the money did not happen, I hope Darwinex to solve this problem, it’s their reputation. The very first thing a broker should not do is create problems with funds withdrawal


The anti money laundry (AML) rules and laws have nothing to do with an individual money transfer. EVERY transaction has to be checked.
If you want to read more about the possible role in AML of the SWIFT company:

(I’m not sure whether it can be understood but by AML insiders)

Other possibility is an error like in this story

In the comments is written that you have the right to get a copy of the SWIFT message which was sent, but I don’t know whether that is true.

All bankers can`t beliieve.
They kept people in the dark for centuries.
Do you believe Barclays ?
Darwinex is spanish broker.
Me too.
have a good weekend.

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This is not an individual case. On one of the biggest Russian forex sites there are two more complaints that money from Darwinex don’t appear in their banks accounts. And both cases are new - when Darwinex decided to change bank from Barclays to Sabadell.
Here is the link, everybody with google translate can see the proofs:

websmith, 07.04.2018:
“A week ago on the 31 of March withdrew 750$ from Darwinex to Sberbank. On the 3rd of April the withdrawal was approved. Today it is the 7th of April, 4 working days passed. Money didn’t come to my bank”
websmith, 12.04.2018:
“The same. But it is already the 8th working day”
websmith 14.04.2018:
“Two weeks have passed. Money didn’t come. I don’t care what they use for transfers. The withdrawal was 2 weeks ago but money still hasn’t come”

ivannu, 07.04.2018:
“The same situation here. There was a holiday in Britain on Monday, it was approved on Tuesday, […]”
ivannu, 11.04.2018
"The 6th working day has passed…No money. […] "

@Journalist, your post is about situation in 2016. It is 2018 now. And everything was OK with money transfers when Darwinex used Barclays. Not like now when Darwinex decided to change it to Sabadell.

I am very disappointed with such change. And not because I like Barclays and don’t like Sabadell. Just because I see the difference between “a month ago” and “now” in bank transfers.


На том же “а-ля независимом” форуме у павлуса уже сто раз писалось, что для валютных платежей сбер не подходит. Кругом война и немцы, а им лень попу оторвать и открыть счёт в дочке инобанка. Пилять, все же такие крутые… То, что будут всякие санкции и прочее херня стало понятно давно. Я ещё в прошлом году открыл счёт в Росбанке (дочка сожьете дженераль). И не имею никаких проблем.


Briefly - I advise them to change the bank from the state (under sanctions) to the “daughter” of the European.

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