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BIL my Darwin presentation

This is Gonzalo, the real name behind the darwin BIL

Before describing BIL, I´m going to talk a little bit about me, so the investors can see who I am.

I am a 55 years old man, originally from Spain, but I have lived in several countries, some times leading a company, other times managing my own businesses.

How did I get here? Several years ago I started developing hearing loss and my executive world started to fall down. I had problems to understand by phone, and then in meetings, and even face to face if the environment was noisy…hearing aids didn´t make a difference in my kind of hearing loss…so what could I do?

So, about ten years ago I became interested to start some business online, because I din´t need to talk people, and I did so, but one day somebody mentioned Forex (I wasn´t ever interested on stock market, but Forex caught my attention).

For several reasons I didn´t start it on that time, but three years ago I realized an acquaintance was Forex trader and a coach. So, I decided to pay him for a semi-private Forex class…and the rest is history.

Like most of traders, I have had ups and downs during this trip, and I´ve learned from my own experiences and mistakes while developing my personal strategy. In the begining I enjoyed to trade and at the same time I also suffered it, then I learned just to do it, trust my strategy and I don´t suffer anymore.

Another thing I have learned (and it is very important), it is that you need a plenty personal life, so you are not stressed and then trade with pleasure. Fortunately, I have a well balanced and plenty life together with a wonderful wife. I know I am lucky and I am very thankful for it.

I love to make money, but it is not the main reason I am here, for me this business is a personal achievement and it gives me more rewards than only the money. Also I want to make my investors happy, I want to make money for other people, that´ll be fantastic!

I know I´ll have private investors at any time from now on, just when they trust me to handle their money, so I´ll be here for them, that´s my dream and I am pursuing it.

And now let´s talk about BIL, and the reason I am presenting it today.

BIL has crushed the first big goal…50 at D-Score! (I know D-Score means nothing for some investors, but let´s say a high D-Score means the darwin is doing good, it is more investable on long term and it has usually good performance too).

The underlying strategy of BIL is operated on price action basis. I´ve been polishing my strategy during these years until it was ready to fight the market.

The strategy is manually operated, but I made it like a robot with feelings.
Of course, I have the sense of the market, but at the same time I have learned how important is setting rules, limits and controls to make sure it works at any time and market conditions (and it is working like I wanted…so proud of me…lol). So, I am a sergeant about these rules because they made my strategy more steady and stronger. I understood when you are a manual traders you need strong rules to be succesful, so I do it every single day.

I ´ve recently reduced the VAR from 30%-35% to 10%-15% (this is the reason my Rs has temporarily lowered). The strategy was working great, but some investors prefer lower VAR (risk), so I just did it thinking of them.

I am ready for you investor!

See you along the way!


Hi @Forexintradiadarwin,
Thank you for this introduction.

Equity curve on the underlying strategy is indeed atypical for a manual trader. But imo this is precisely the aspect most of manual traders should improve in rapid markets nowadays.

Human flexibility with ‘robot’ consistency.
I guess now you VaR has decreased, it will be even smoother in the future!

All the best to you and BIL, following this nice start!!!


Hi Gonzalo,

Just for you to know, there is a spanish group in Telegram where we speak exclusively about Darwinex, where you will find many traders and investors.

In case you want to join it, here is the link:

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Thank you @NicolasDarwinex.

I do my best to be a responsable and consistent trader everyday.

By the way, I´ve just gotten an investor today, hopefully the first of many. Thank you for trust my darwin BIL

That´s correct, I decided to reduce the VAR, and I knew the Rs would be temporarily affected, but it was a decision I made thinking in the long run. Now that my VAR is where I wanted, I hope the Rs atribute stabilizes little by little and go to back to normal.

Thanks for your support, and keep the great work you guys are doing!

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It’s good to see you around, @Forexintradiadarwin!


Believe me, forget about the attributes and concentrate more on your trading and let the attributes take care of themselves. I’m a bit of a loss which VAR you have reduced based on your equity.

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Thank you. I agree with you but there is something that maybe many traders haven´t realized, and in my opinion is the key ¨THE ATTRIBUTES TAKE CARE OF OUR DARWINS¨…let me explain it better (however this is only my personal point of view).

What was the main reason most of us started in this business? …to make MONEY, right? (some of us maybe have also other personal goals).

However, after a while we discover Forex is not so pretty and easy as someone told us and then we realize this is a business like any other. As much education, experience and talent we have, our chances of being successful are higher.

However, this business is a little big different than most. There is a very importnt psychological part of it that kills most of good traders. And many of them decide to use a robot to handle their accounts, right? I don´t like robots, but it is a personal decision.

So, I am manual trader and I have to take care of my strategy and myself (including my good and bad days).

What do I do?

Nowadays I am not focus on money anymore (it wil come together), I am focus in my strategy, in my trading (as you said), however I´ve learned something since I´ve been in Darwinex (from Darwinex and the community), this business is not about the strategy, nor about the talent, and nor about the competitors, IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU. You make your strategy good of bad with your personality, your behavior, your temper…and your EGO

The attributes help us to be disciplined, to repeat and keep the good habits. The attributes warn you when you are going out of your path…THE ATTRIBUTES TAKE CARE OF ME

And what happen when our attributes are high, our D-Score is higher too, and you know what happen at that time? It is much easier to rank in Darwinia and get allocations that will give you money. Then Darwinex will market your darwin everywhere GIVING YOUR DARWIN EXPOSURE (that means free marketing for your Darwin) to get attention of INVESTORS

Then you can take all this exposure and share it in your Facebook, Lindedin, Twitter, blog and so on…and my friend, the day you get there it means two things:

  1. You are making a lot of money.
  2. You are making a lot of money for your investors and Darwinex.

That´s why I am focused on my strategy and watching carefully my attributes everyday.

And if my explanation is not very convincing, maybe this reflection is:

Since I don´t know of even ONE single Darwin with less than 60 D-Score managing at least half million Euros of investiments or getting Darwinia allocations consistenly…I´ve decided to chose the wiser way…One eye is focused on my strategy and the other is paying attention to the attributes, so if I do something wrong (even if I am having profit) the atributes WARN me, and I can address the problem when it is still small and before it is too late…D-Score and atributes will take US to the paradise.



Hi @Forexintradiadarwin or should I say Gonzalo! Thanks for letting us know a bit about the person behind the Darwin. It looks promising but I am very picky so will wait and see how it performs over a longer period before investing.

I am actually a big fan of the D-Score attribute for filtering potential investments. It has not let me down yet.

BIL is definitely on the radar though. Keep it up!



Thanks Greg for your kind words.

Gonzalo is my real name, so you can call me by my name.

Of course you have to care your investments. If one day you feel comfortable investingt in my darwin, I´ll do my best.

Absolutely, attributes and D-Score are our judge. I´ve drawn a big 65 in my head!

Thank you again!!!

These words coming from an experienced trader like you have double value and motivate me even more.


Hi community,

After a couple of strange months (May and June), I´ve examined my trading and I´ve made some decisions:

  • I bought flight tickets and took some weeks of deserved (and needed) vacations :yum: I have traded only a little bit in July, so far with better results than previous months…lol

  • I increased the VAR again (I had lowered it drastically in the last months and it affected my trading behavior too much). It is possible I low it again, but (if) it would be slower.

  • I deleted some pairs of my trading (the ones that don´t fit my trading strategies and also have the worst historical wining percentage).

I hope the performance come back similar than first 4 months of the year (+2.5% averaged profit) when I traded with similar VAR than now.

Thanks for reading.

See you here.

Someone must be the black sheep …
I do not believe in the d-score, it clearly harms the operators that can not focus on making profits … just try to have a high d-score value because as you explain that opens the doors of paradise … but care can also open you the hell … the algorithms that handle the d.scores are not a philosopher’s stone, they are not a panacea … if it would not be very easy to become an investor … and ask them everything they have what to look for to determine an investment … but good from operator to operator, good luck out there …


I tend to agree. first and foremost one should focus on the market only and how to trade it. If you are making money you will probably get a 50 plus D-score eventually.


He everybody.

It´s been a while I don´t post here. I have been on some vacations and also analyzing my strategy.
On November 1st 2018 I started to trade this account with a different approach. The basics are the same because the strategy is good, but like a Formula 1, the details are important, so I´ve made several small adjustments, or better said I placed some limits.

Reagardles the strategy was good enough, I realized that just a few days in the year dammaged the overall great performance. So, basically I decided to make these necessary adjustments:

1- SL have to be proportional with the TP. I aim to have above 65% of winning trades though, I need also to have a good proportion of pips win vs pips lose ALWAYS. So, since I trade on short periods of time, ALL SL have to be close enough to lose just a few pips even if it means to have a little bit worse win/lose ratio performance. In the long run it will be beneficial for my overall performance.

2- I am more strict on my trades now, what means more quality trades. I am not limiting my trades per day if the entries are good quality. Anyway, I have set an improved money management.

3- I am taking partial Profits, but in order to reduce loses, I am taking partial Loses too. Usually my strategy has a SL at a point where I believe my trade is a lost, however often times (I have more than one approach) there is another possible earlier lose point before the main SL. So when the price get there, I exit a partial (yes, I lose a partial and leave another partil still running a little bit more). It can be controversial, but my pips loses will be reduced. And again, I am trying to improve the win / lose pips ratio ALL THE TIME.

4- Overall the strategy will look more robust and consistent. I can win or lose but examining trade by trade and day after day winning or losing everything will look more steady and compact. So, more solid and trustable.

So, if you analyze my year to day performance, it looks bad, but if you go deeper, you can see I made profits 95% of the time. It´s been around 10 days in the whole year that have damaged the whole year results.

The reasons why it happened is a topic. Overtrading and taking higher risks than I should. So, these measurements have been taken to cut the bleeding when is needed. All strategies bleed at some point, and prompt action is needed when it happens.

I expect to see the results of these changes along the next six months.

I needed to be humble about what has happened these year and assume my mistakes.

Please follow my strategy BIL and let me know your thinkings, I´ll be more than happy to answer any question.


you are down 40% since june. those 5% of days did that. when you are as consistent a loser as that, you should just do the opposite and be a winner.

Rigid risk reward doesn’t work. over-leveraged doesn’t work.

Just a fast sight…the week of May 17 to May 24: -20%, and from June 27 to 29 another -10%, in short, in a few days -30%.Just avoiding these few days, the whole year would be green…so simple, right?
That means the strategy is good (that´s proven), just avoiding overtrading or increasing risk after some lose trades.
Another relevant numbers:
Total trades: 1779
Wining trades 63.91%, 1137 trades x 8.52 pips: 10028 pips won
Losing trades 36.09%, 652 trades x 12.23 pips: 7852 pips lost
Grand total pips won: 2176

ah, no it isn’t. The only thing proven is, that the strategy loses money.

A little self delusion is good for a trader, but you need an intervention. The so called traders here at Darwinex won’t give it to you though. They will just keep letting you delude yourself, saying great job , keep it up blah blah blah

I’l come back in 6 months. You are not ready yet

Fair enough Muiris. Let´s talk in six months. I assume if my performance is profitable then, you´ll be one of my investors. I count on you…:grinning:
Merry Christmas!

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Hi Muiris, I am back here as promissed (just a little bit late).
The numbers of these first half of the year are making your statement right. I am not ready yet.
I made an intervention myself, and some things have improved, but two bad months ruined all the good things.
Now, I am working of those bad things, and I hope things change for the better.
But, I don´t give up, I am a little bit stubborn I´ve acomplished many things in my life, and I want to accomplish this one too. For luck, trading is not a necessity to me, but it is a personal challenge.
So, let´s talk at the end of the year to see what happened. Good luck to you.


BIL update.

I made some changes some months ago, but the results haven´t met my expectations. I´ve realized the main reason is because I am trading with a heavy backpack (DD). The drawdown was draining me mentally and I din´t want to use any martingale style to recover it, so eventhough I wanted to keep BIL going forward, I have decided to stop it (at least for a while) and start a fresh new account from scratch.

Of course, it´s been a big fall for me, but I´ll raise again. I just need to trade with the mind focus only on trading, not in the past…And it is not about money (eventhough it is the ultimate goal), but now it is just a personal challenge I have to accomplish (I had mentioned this before) and I think this is the best way to go for it.

It will take a while until I launch the new darwin, but anyway I´ll be here commenting and being a nail in your shoes as usual…:yum:

Good luck to everybody.