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BMC - unofficial discussion

I have searched the forum and there was no other posting related to the BMC DARWIN. The DARWIN has a good recent score and has performed good, but had a major drawdown early on.

It would be great if the trader TANGRA can give is more details regarding his strategy and approach. I also notice that the trading approach has slightly changed recently. It is one of the few DARWIN in which the winning trades are almost double the size of losing trades.

An analysis from a more experience investor would be much appreciated too.


I don’t think so, the values of LA and CP scores are very stable, the style is the same but he optimized his algos in a better way and turned a losing strategy into profit.
Maybe he excluded some assests from his portfolio, on 6m we have 13 assets while on 1y we have 21.

It seems a good darwin but this is not a good time to enter, better to wait a 10% drawdown, 15% is even better.

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What do you think about the average winners being almost double the size of losing trades? Looks like an attribute of a trend following system and well managed too. Losing trades tend to be closed at around 32 pips on average.

Is there a way to filter out these particular attributes in other DARWINs?

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Yes you can filter for high LA but in my opinion it is useless, I manage LSC with high LA and KVL with low LA .

Short stops and long targets mean that the system is a trendfollower but it does not mean that it is a winner, there is a crowd of losing trendfollowers.
Unfortunatelly LA is not enough to separate winners from losers, if it were it would be very easy to be a profitable investor. :slight_smile:

With a portfolio of trendfollowers you can suffer even one year of stagnation when trends are missing, a good portfolio is diversified with many kind of darwins.

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