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[Bug] Cannot add criterias to filter


I tried to create a new Filter but I can’t add any criteria. This was not reproducible two or three days ago, so it must be a new bug introduced. I also saw in the Webinar today that Jesús had the same issue.

I tried with Safari and Firefox, but with none of them work.

I checked the Inspector but nothing shows there.

Steps to reproduce

GIVEN I go to section “My filters”
AND I create a new filter
WHEN I click on “Manage criteria”
AND I choose one or more filters
THEN I click “Apply”
AND nothing happens


I can confirm that bug - to create or change a filter is currently not possible.

On existing filters the button to manage criteria is missing, it is impossible to add or delete anything.

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Welcome to the community forum @menda ! Good to have you here!

A big thank you for reporting this bug a such a detailed and useful way :+1:. Thank you @IlIlIlIlI as well for confirming it. It’s now reported.

Will keep you posted when it gets fixed.

This has been fixed now. Thanks again for the heads-up!