CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 66 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

BUX -- OutsidetheBoxHK -- Ichimoku Scalping

If BUX recovers from this drawdown, I’m a fan.
I respect loudmouth that delivers. So far:

  • loudmouth :white_check_mark:
  • bucks :x:
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No, excuse me, but margin calls are not part of the business, as I understand it.
A margin call is the sure and definite sign, that you have lost control, that the market trades you and not vice versa.
Yes, I can´t rule out, that a margin call will ever hit me e.g. in a catastrophic flash crash like event, but that is not “doing business”, that is “being put out of business”.


All criticisms of you and your trading here are 100% fair. You just dont like it so you call it trolling. It is you who keeps saying that you are a fund manager, how your system is the best (which objectively is far from the truth), breaking all of your rules in term of risk… Those are all things that can be proven very easily and yet you call those who point those things out trolls.

If you want I could copy/paste some of your clients posts from other forums and your interaction with them. Its pretty funny how you keep moving the goalposts every time something is not in your favour. You say that you have rules and when you break those rules you tell clients that its your discretion if you decide to break them. Do you think thats how business is done and that its a sign of a balanced and reliable person?

You even think that margin call is a part of business. You cant be serious. This is a load of crap and an excuse for your inability to manage accounts. You have your “flagship” :grin: system where your DD is 32% and making less than 5% monthly on average. Right now this number is way lower with your 30% floating DD. You basically have not made any profit since end of October 2018, thats almost 6 months now. A smart investor would already jump ship or do it after you get out of the current DD. Thats if you get lucky this time again.

You can call this cyber bullying but how can it be when these are all facts? The one who doesnt deal in facts is you, everyone else is pointing out your inconsistencies, lies and arrogance.

The one good thing about Darwinex is that investors are more educated than elsewhere so you cant find many naive people who are willing to invest with you. I really hope it stays that way for their sake. There are many far superior options on Darwinex and that is why your account is not popular with investors.


Even if I think that people make the difference in trading I prefer to avoid personal attacks and concentrate on systems.

Now we have a DLeverage jumping from 5 to 50 after some weeks of drawdown.
A DD of 18% is not so bad but DD is different than risk, you can risk all the equity on 10 pips and be lucky and there is no DD .

Being a math teacher isn’t a guarantee of proper risk management, LTCM was managed by PHDs MBAs and Nobel prizes and turned into a big martingale.

Being margin called cannot be defined proper risk management, there is a limit between flexibility and random risk or unlimited risk.


I agree that personal attacks do not help anyone.
The great thing about Darwinex is that you can see what Traders are doing (whether they want you to or not).

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This is true for every trader here. :slight_smile:

Everything changes, the market and also the pressure on the trader.
Every DD is different, especially when you are invested or you provide signals.

This is the reason why a long public trackrecord is much more useful that Return DD or DScore.

I don’t like to see personal attacks either in a Forum. But that needs to work both ways. When a traders strategies and results are being critiqued in a polite manner the poster should not be called a troll or accused of cyber bullying.

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It’s really a matter of STAYING INVESTED for at least 12 months, like real fund investors normally do.
It’s really a matter of learning when to ADD to your investments in systems that are profitable over more than 2 to 3 years.
It’s really a matter of calculating GAIN (overall) to PAIN (average max drawdown over 1 year) and how much profit a system / strategy has generated if the investor follows the system as advised by the manager and only adds to investment.

I hear all that is being said, but I am the captain of this ship, and I have been here many times before.
Recovery happens relatively quickly and the losers have always (up to this point) have been those who allow their fear / emotion to cause them to cut investments during a significant drawdown and then to not re-invest.

Exactly what happened to my brother in Nov 2008 ---- ouch – now the S&P 500 is 3x higher – 10 years later.

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While on 1 and 2 you realized the loss it is not happening on 3 and this caused a spike to DLeverage 50 and a margin call.
I wish you a recovery but the problem is not DD or recovery but how DD has been managed.
Of course noobs wont’ notice that but true investor wil dig on it and will find in your trading journal.

Probably investors are going crazy with Darwinex just because they don’t want to experience a 50% DD like on SPX500 in 2008 .
SPX500 is unleveraged and is sailing from 100 years not 26 months. :wink:


There was no personal attack. All of what I wrote are facts which can not be disputed and can be proved with numbers, everything is public anyways.

As for my comments on arrogance and lies I can paste multiple comments from other forums of the traders interaction with his investors. After reading those comments there is no way you can think its not the case. I dont think thats a personal attack, its fair and necessary to point out that a trader is lying. I can direct you to a forum where all this can easily be found. Its already been pointed out here by other users, they were just more diplomatic about it :slight_smile:

I post content to different clients and other prospective clients who use different forums to connect with my services.
I didn’t know people were waiting here for an “explanation” or “reassuring” as some say.
I am trading the same exact strategy I always have done with the same risk management guidelines, knowledge, skill, vigilance, drawdown tactics, and recovery methods.
I have written about these at length on Donna Forex:

Technically speaking, we have been at major resistance, and I am able to churn with scalps until we determine if strong levels hold. regardless, I hope you can learn to think long term and see booked profits over the past 2 months (imagine if there weren’t a drawdown, this is how long it would take to recover from drawdown, and look at all the other space of profit without significant drawdown over the past 15 months.)
This pain shall pass, so I hope you are around for the next leg up.
Equity levels are on par with early January levels.

…and I see you have been reading my posts on that forum, so I assume you have read about my trade style, my work, and my planning.
I also contribute more on that forum to explaining my own trading, since that is the site where I have the longest thread and most loyal following.
I think I will need to recover from a couple more drawdowns here at Darwinex before people really acknowledge the value of my strategy and how to invest in it to make the most money over time.

drawdown was cut by 40% in a 24 hr period just last week on the underlying strategy — I have no idea how the Risk Manager is handling these types of drawdowns. This strategy recovers relatively quickly from relatively significant drawdowns, and there is good reason for this. This is part of the strategy I have developed.
Notice drawdown recovery time historically on both underlying strategy and the DARWIN.

Here is another key piece of information you didn’t copy:

From a subscriber who has followed my strategy since very early in my history

The current drawdown is alarming if you’ve just signed on within the last few months. Over the long-term, though, it’s not so bad. I’m not going to defend everything OTB says and does, but I do think it’s funny that the torches always come out when there’s a drawdown. Maybe adjustments of risk are in order for some of you.

Also, I would like to once again state that this is the ONLY signal I have with this kind of performance LONG TERM. I see many people lining up to criticize this provider, and I would like to ONCE AGAIN request that they provide me with the details of a better performing signal. You can PM me or whatever.

I am not interested in hypotheticals or hindsight or what a trader could or couldn’t have done looking backwards. ALL I care about is profit. Bottom line. And as you can see, OTB has provided a lot of that for me with manageable drawdown over the last year. If he is a terrible trader as some of you are claiming, then please do not be so selfish and horde your secret signals or providers that are making you secret piles of cash. Share these if you have them! It must not be too hard since OTB is apparently setting such a low bar for performance. I have to reiterate that this is not an empty request from me. I have been asking for the past year for ANY of these detractors to provide me with a single signal that outperforms this one. I’ll throw cash at it if it exists.

I truly am just here to make money, not lord my superior (but purely hypothetical and based on hindsight) knowledge over another. It is so confusing to me why there is such hate for this signal provider, but not a single person can show me one they follow or provide themselves that is better. If it exists, put it out there! Aren’t we all just here for profit after all?

I understand the need for criticism, but if you provide no way forward from here, what then? Should I just withdraw all my funds from OTB and just sit here and whine because all systems are imperfect? I seriously have no idea what’s the point here. I MUST be missing some obvious money-printing signals with so much superior knowledge and criticism being thrown around here. If that’s the case, share them. If not, oh well. I’ll just take my family on another vacation later this summer from my OTB profits.

Excuse me but it doesn’t seem to be so.

The right myfxbook account is this one:
and it waits to be updated…

The updated underlying strategy is this:

-67% is not so conservative, -22% on the darwin is much more conservative :smile_cat:

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To be as brief and to the point as possible…

  1. I needed to make more income from Darwinex than $2400 in 6 months
  2. The risk manager kept my strategy from earning it’s potential
  3. I increased risk in an attempt to circumvent the Risk Manager
  4. The DARWIN therefore is now similar in Statistics to what the low risk underlying strategy used to be
  5. I don’t always have time to explain every single thing I am doing on each of the 9 strategies that I am running / growing
  6. I am trying to add value to each platform where I have listed my strategy, and this is different on each platform: Mt Cook Hybrid PAMM (with 1x, 2x, 3x, and 4x risk multiplier), PsyQuation, Darwinex, Zulutrade, and my underlying strategies for raw trade copying
  7. Most importantly, as many astute fx traders have said before, the exact time when a fund manager needs to concentrate on his trading, his overall health and balance, and receive positive support is WHEN he is in drawdown. And this is almost never what he receives when his stats are so public. In a prop firm, he is shielded from needless banter, and the Risk Manager will only approach him with keen insight and appropriate times to cut him off.

This is what I am working on with Jake at Mt Cook. He’s a partner in the firm. He knows what we go thru, and how destructive it is. We need investors who are committed and who air their concerns to a team of support personnel who specialize in this. We need to keep our brains and souls clear to keep coming back fresh, no matter what size DD we are in. We need investors with bigger allocations so that we are not pushed to take more risk in order to support our full time trading.

If you didn’t increase risk because of the risk manager, would this recent DD have happened? We might never know but I agree with posts that say do not change your trusted approach or strategy for the Darwinex risk engine. The engine should be changing towards the trader’s behaviour not vice versa. But I could be wrong though.

The problem is mainly one : GREED :slight_smile:

He was running a light grid on audusd and usdjpy but the market was slow and he started to play with usdtry and some big shorts of US indexes…
Just to spice up a bit.


I don’t know what made you think that this is a good idea. You can’t circumvent the risk manager by increasing risk. Have you actually looked at how this platform works?

Fair enough. I bet your investors don’t expect you to explain every single trading decision but this is a special event as your strategy is around it’s biggest historical drawdown and you are holding your DOW shorts for a month now. From my uninformed perspective it looks like you seem to be scalping your way out of this drawdown by adding additional dow shorts.
This works under the assumption that we are actually at a top. But what are you doing if the dow continues to go against you with additional scalp position(s) open?
I think this is something you could easily explain to your investors if you really wanted to. Like what’s the dd threshold where you say: “fu** it, I was wrong, let’s close those positions and start over”?

You find the time to post easter tributes, discuss payment/withdrawal options and other trading systems. If I was your investor I wish you would adress the issues concerning your own trading system first.

If you chose to offer your trading to retail(!) clients you need to face the fact that you will receive some negativity during a drawdown. Especially if you market yourself as gods greatest gift to trading. According to your own statements you are receiving a lot of money from your clients by selling them your trading signals. Those clients pay you even when you are in a drawdown. You can’t compare that to prop trading. Please don’t expect to get a pat on the back in this situation. If you need positive support I am sure you can get that from your friends and familiy instead.


We are hunters.
We eat what we kill.
If there are not enough fish biting or if you cannot find prey to kill, you still must eat.
this DD did not occur as a result of greed, I already have reflected and spoken truly about what I know has happened. Yes I normally run a “tight” Grid with 95% hit rate.
I decided to expand my currency pair experience into USDJPY, USDTRY, USDZAR, and DOW as a result of my conviction that we should be entering a risk off period soon.

not a linear threshhold but approximately 20%
which includes booked profit since the DD began… so…
If I hit a High Water Mark in Jan, then started entering DD, booked 5% profit, and ended Jan with 10% open DD, then in my calculations my DD really is only 5%.
Again, I know this strategy works on the Underlying Account, but I sometimes wonder how the Risk Manager handles periods of Averaging In / Scaling In / Adding to Losers.

Back to shorting NZDUSD , trend is your friend ? :wink:
Better to stick to what you know than risk everything on a couple of casinò bets.

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Hindsight is always perfect.
You are mostly right, but pls don’t assume that you could do it better, because that’s just not the attitude that is helpful.

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