CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 66 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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Some who started as investors here , decided it better to learn to trade, so maybe learning to invest in Darwins takes more time :wink:


Just my thoughts: Many investors here work harder than traders. So, why?

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Greg, this is the root cause of all your trading problems. Fix it and you will be fine…

Remember trading has a lot more to do with money management than strategy. A coin toss strategy with sound money management will out do yours in the long run; so why not accept and address this issue seriously.

It appears you have a strategy that can extract some pips from the markets. If this was mainly through loss aversion, then Houston we have a problem…Fix the bit that gives money back using money management. Stop trying to create a holy grail or smooth equity curves. All systems come with losing trades, loss aversion comes with blown accounts.

Forget the nonsense of attempting to double accounts every month. No hedge fund manager to be taken seriously does this. So what are you trying to prove? A good start would be to limit your leverage to 1:10 and risk less than 1% per position. Guess what is going to happen. Your crazy gains will suddenly disappear, but even better is your frightening drawdowns will be a thing of the past. And on Darwinex platform, you will find investors who are happy with 20% return p.a. Succeed here, and Prop Firms will bend over backwards to have you manage their funds. So the question is ask is, why aren’t you doing this?


Are you sure? So I am going crazy with algos parameters and optimizations just for fun?
I dont’ think risk management alone can beat the market.


True. But a trader ignores it at their own peril.

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I have always really tried to do my best given many competing interests and pressures in the real world. This time it was mainly
There are other ways to achieve what you are wanting to achieve without being cruel.
I will be back. I am a competitior (mainly with myself) and I am not a quitter.
And victory after tough bitter times is all the more sweet.
I have two other similar strategies here and I will continue trading all these and hopefully adding an update strategy later this summer that addresses the flaws in my current system.
As I said before, learning trading, strategies, positive trading psychology, positive self control thru lifes up’s and down’s is a process for those of us who were not professionally trained.
You don’t come to Myfxbook, Forex Signals, Zulutrade, etc if you want a qualified trained fund manager. You just don’t. You go to HSBC, Goldman Sachs, Standard Chartered, or Northern Trust.
Yes I have my whole effort, and got tangled up in pointless unrestrained arguments at times, and yet I should have given more like 95% focus to trading and 5% to marketing my strategy and online forum posts.
Even though I had studied the phenomenon “The Hour between Dog and Wolf” it happened to me Loss aversion when it mattered most.
With a lot riding on it, having built up a good track record for 2.5 years, and then I also started to worry about swollen feet and symptoms that are related to kidney disease or chronic inflammation of the internal organs and was alone as a result of a nasty custody battle of 4.5 years – so anyway it’s easy for people to assume what exactly is going on with another person – easy to analyze someone’s whole life and trading when they have put themself out there time and time again publicly – open to all the filth, the rudeness, the armchair analysis, the magnifying glass – and it just gets old.
I, like anyone, am human.
This is what I will do differently this next time – if it doesn’t sell itself then I am not going to use too much energy with these online forums, because even though you can (and I did) learn something – normally the conversations happening here are nowhere near real life – with real life boundaries.

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yes they still are… just have to set automatic 12% cut off for the 1x risk one. Take the scalps but cut the trades over 150 pips MAE – I pin pointed this previously but I did not stick to it when it really counted to leaving me with 75 to 80% of overall capital to launch a recovery from

This is exactly it. And it comes as a result of listening too much to clients, rookie traders, and emotional others.

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because I got tired of waiting for this to actually happen.
I had been told time and time again that after 2 years of excellent track record then the big clients would come. Then they said 2.5 years. Then I just got tired and I wanted to up the risk with about $250,000 AuM so that I could achieve the same performance fees that I would be generating with 2x or 3x the capital. I rushed it, and now I have set myself back 2.5 years-- have heaps of experience and have found many great platforms, but now I must make new track records, because most of my current clients do not want to wait around for me to trade them back to the High Water Mark.

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No algorithmic ranking score will show you a true likelihood or probability of future returns.
Because we can change.


This is is exactly the reason why serious investors want to see 3 years or even more.
It is up to you, if you want to impress noobs and dreamers or build something credible.
Time is the best algo, the only parameter that really works to understand if a trader is stable and disciplined.
I wish you everything good for your personal life, health and family!


Past performance do not guarantee future results… Only discipline to follow through with our trading plans is what allows our systems’ edge to see us through tough market times.

As a fellow manual trader, I understand that this is easier said than done; especially when life throws us a curved ball or two.

Since, as you’ve correctly put it, “we can change”; then the challenge is to ensure we remain stoic while trading because the market does not care what’s going on with our lives.

The one thing that most traders hate is taking losses and make the situation worse by averaging down. I had this problem. My solution was to get a simple EA to close all my positions at 3% loss. Trouble is, this did not quite stop me from disabling the EA when things weren’t going as they should. Discipline is a manual trader’s Achilles heel.

Anyway, the next thing that I did was get a friend of mine run a copy of my trading terminal with the EA from his office! And also keep me lockout from trading for an extra day should I hit my 3% loss to allow me to emotionally disconnect from the loss and accept it. My point is, what lengths are you prepared to go to, to solve your trading challenges.

Like @Muiris said, understanding what to do and knowing what to do are two very different things. Andy Shaw goes into detail on this in his book, A Bug Free Mind.

Best of luck mate, Cheers!


Great job buddy. You wiped out all your accounts in a few weeks.

And your track record was only impressive in your eyes, nobody else thought so. You think anyone will trust you after this disaster?

Your posts have always been out there, you kept saying how great you are and look where it got you. Better give it up before you gamble away all your family fortune but my guess is you are already half way there.

Guys, let’s keep conversations constructive, clean and without this unnecessary bashing.

There is no need for it, regardless of whatever may be.

There are plenty of forums where trader bashing may be considered appropriate - Darwinex is not one of them.

As people first and traders second, we all have our own individual personalities, trading strategies, beliefs and varying levels of self-confidence.

The markets are great at humbling us all in our own individual ways - so let’s leave it at that, and focus on what can be learned from things (good or bad - each has lessons to offer).


The naysayers, the doubters, the loose-lipped, those who quit before tears and wisdom have worked their magic, it is these type of people who will be long gone in about 2 years from now once my new updated strategy will have had an even more quality chance than the 2.5 years of success before to build out a track record as before – now with mix of:

1 - strict rules
2 - soft guidelines
3 - matrix of 5 levels of risk – some cutting profit early – some letting winners ride
4 - taking profits generated at higher risk off the table EVERY month and recycling down the risk spectrum
5 - this is all that is needed and what I am working on (nothing that is visible publicly on myfxbook other than the main long mt cook strategy is following my updated strategy yet – I am keeping these private for now – continuing to working for those who want to hit a new high water mark and of course those who trust that I can and will do it and not give up to recover as I have done many times before)

I think you are a very good teacher and a good life-coach.
Often teaching is easier than doing, especially with trading… :sunglasses:


My little history on BUX

Obviously I cut fast

Lucky next time (for me)

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For this strategy, when it turns, then it recovers and gains ground quickly.
Only time will tell. But it’s what I believe.

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