CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 66 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

BUX -- OutsidetheBoxHK -- Ichimoku Scalping

Even if you know the entries and the exits you don’t know the reason.
You know the trades of the past but not the trades of the future.


Ok @CondorcetInvestment
I was referring to which graphic tool is used to draw the trades?? Thanks.

Ok, sorry if I misunderstood.

It is a personnal tool written as a script witch read a CSV file and then create Trend Objects to draw segments in mql4.

The code is not suported for public use because data structure change every time (several data structures from MyFx, from MQL5 or other sources of track record). Then it is impossible to use it except for the author.

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Many people said this month presented significant challenges to hedge funds and traders. October brought us opportunities. I was expecting these couple months to be very volatile, so I was ready for it.

7.83% for Outside the Box

50% for Outside the Box High Risk

The rare white buffalo found pleasant pastures this month.
In many alternative investment spheres you will find there is growing interest in what we are achieving with the Underlying Strategy to #BUX #darwins-portfolios .


November Profit on DARWIN: 2.33%

November Profit on Low Risk strategy: 4.38%
November Profit on Medium Risk strategy: 12.35%
November Profit on High Risk strategy: 17.36%

Now for a quick fun poll… place your bets.

Who believes this smokin hot strategy can win a 3rd Darwinia Allocation consecutively in December?

  • Yes
  • No

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Glad November is behind us.
It was a month fraught with significant and complex trading challenges.
Including one of my brokers going into external administration.
Hungry as a skinny leopard in the jungle, so just gotta keep getting up to confront what comes our way.
This next week I will launch a new low risk master account trade copying signal which will be available on SimpleTrader and SignalStart - to replace the one that must be phased out under Halifax Investment Services.

The old master account with 22 month track record unfortunately must be phased out once the basket is closed. This track record will be migrated on some platforms so I don’t lose it, and on others I will make a note that the track record is being continued on another new account at Mt Cook.

Currently managing a recovery on a risk-off AUDUSD basket, which has been reduced from 7 positions to 4 positions this past week. If you include the drawdown that was caused this month by Powell’s speech, then the month was about flat for all strategies. As I have told numerous interested followers, I am sticking to my original trade plan, working on recovery countermeasures in small scalping trades, and gradually reducing risk into year end.

Powell gave himself wiggle room, but many traders now disagree with the original market interpretation and overreaction which I expect to fade out. My trade plan is still viable and active. Especially with terrible GDP inputs of construction and Capex, which are going to make this week’s AUD GDP data worse and Aussie rate decision more dovish in my mind, especially with tariffs, trade tensions, slowing China, Brexit, and Italy budget nowhere near being resolved.

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By your own admission, you use light martingale in your trading. Without knowing the entirety of your strategy, I would not dare to say that it is uninvestable - but I can say that I cannot invest without significant fear for your darwin’s survival. Obviously no offense meant, thought you might be interested in why I chose not to go with your darwin though. Cheers.


Although, I certainly understand your caution, I have fought a long arduous battle, working 80 to 90 hours a week for 2 years to make it to this point. You are free to feel cautious, yes, for sure.


So I guarantee you right now I am much more keen to let people know how good and consistent my performance is:

1. Profit-to-drawdown ratio – excellent

2. Ability to recover from drawdown periods in efficient manner

3. Length of track record shows I have dedication, skill, and that I am a professional

Congrats for you results: return, DScore, allocation, ( and equity… :slight_smile: )

To define yourself a professional you need:

  • a license/registration
  • a company with an office/address/phone n.

Otherwise you are a skilled and promising private trader like many of us.


I fully agree.

The fact is that a martingale hide risks. Risks are possible but investor know nothing about it. The trader knows because of backtest but not the investor. Martingale produce a long term heteroscedasticity of the DD. Then the next DD could be twice or four more deeper than the 3 shown in the history. Only one DD after migration : who aim to calculate a statistics ?

So if I had congrat the creation of BUX, where I saw a smouth and smart martingale, I will never bet a buck on it. Maybe after two years or more of historic ?


We have to recognize that risk is quite stable for this grid/basket trading and also LA is quite good.
LA 8+ indicates more pyramiding than averaging down.

I agree that 6 months of native and public results are too few for this kind of trading, let’s wait and see…


I have a Ltd Company with office address and phone.
As far as license/registration I do not, and yet I speak with Risk Managers at a couple trading firms and investment banks and they tell me I almost have a better understanding of trading and managing assets than they do.
A license does not make you a professional. If that’s the case then you are calling many teachers and builders and doctors around the world as “not professional” and they most certainly are.


I have 22 months of track record, with Fund and 10 of my own accounts.
Migrated my history to Darwinex in July 2018.


A license doesn’t mean you are a good trader I agree, but shows that your are dealing with trading as a business, something like trading equity and trading sizes.

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What a great close to the week!! It will be a merry Christmas for BUX
investors and Darwinex who have been so kind to allocate their capital to a great strategy.

Moved into #9 spot for Darwinia this month, and technicals and fundamentals are all pointing to my core AUDUSD short basket finally manifesting the rubber band elastic shot back down - which will propel BUX
into the atmosphere for 3rd straight Darwinia allocation.
#on fire
#above 80 D-Score

On the up and up… only sky and outer space above us now

… as we close out the year (a spectacular one indeed!) I wanted to comment a little more about the research that has guided me in the design of the Underlying Strategy to


which is far more profitable than the DARWIN version – but I get it – some just want safety and don’t want to submit their funds to as much risk or uncertainty in a manager. Either way I can offer different ways to follow my strategy on various platforms: SimpleTrader, ZuluTrader, PsyQuation, Darwinex, Mt Cook, MQL5, SignalStart, and HotForex Copy.

Understanding the Kelly Capital Growth Investment Criterion

There are ways to use statistics, probability, related rates, and weighted averages to employ the most excellent “how to beat the markets” strategy named the Kelly capital growth criterion. I had happened upon this style / strategy on my own over 10 years of watching price action obsessively. Then I learned that other mathematicians also had learned how to game the system of human behavior. Human behavior can be mathematically described within certain bounds. The tail risk always exists but it is negligible (must be planned for eventually). Upon studying Jack Schwager videos and books, I saw the best exmaple of someone else using these methods to conquer first casino games and then the market too.

Edward Oakley Thorp is an American mathematics professor, author, hedge fund manager, and blackjack player. He pioneered the modern applications of probability theory, including the harnessing of very small correlations for reliable financial gain. In his book “A Man for All Markets: From Las Vegas to Wall Street, How I Beat the Dealer and the Market” and summarised in this paper are described the key components that I integrated into my strategy:,204,203,200.jpg

Understanding the Kelly Capital Growth Investment Criterion

  • The strategy is to maximize long run wealth of the investor by maximizing the period by period expected utility of wealth with a logarithmic utility function.

  • Mathematical theorems show that only the log utility function maximizes asymptotic long run wealth and minimizes the expected time to arbitrary large goals.

  • In general, the strategy is risky in the short term but as the number of bets increase, the Kelly bettor’s wealth tends to be much larger than those with essentially different strategies.

  • So most of the time, the Kelly investor will have much more wealth than these other investors but the Kelly strategy can lead to considerable losses a small percent of the time.

  • There are ways to reduce this risk at the cost of lower expected final wealth using fractional Kelly strategies that blend the Kelly suggested wager with dynamic investing techniques.

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Wishing you the gifts of the season —Peace, Joy, Hope, Mercy, Forgiveness, and Love.

Thanks so much for a productive year and for placing trust in my strategy.

This is the time of year when we all pause and remember God who gives us life, loved ones, and the power and wisdom to build wealth by doing what we love.

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I hope this changes in 2019 and 2020.
If not, I will already have executed my profitable proven consistent strategy long enough to exponentially compound my capital to be able to attract big investors by exposing my 2 year track record on numerous platforms, profit sharing, and 611 trade copying subscribers now.

If you really think the average investor here has $3000 to invest, how long will it take this investor to double their investment ---- to profit $3000? I guess some people are content with this. But I looked for High Risk / High Return strategies in the first 2 years, and now that i have grown my intial equity by 20 times, I can lessen risk and still make about $20,000 USD in a poor month. This is the power of Forex Alternative Investments.

  • Started with $5000 USD in capital.
  • two years and 2300% growth
  • now have approx $80,000 USD to trade with,
  • 33 fund clients
  • 611 trade copying subscribers.

This was my goal and I have achieved it. It is possible. The time most talented (but cash poor) traders need investment and belief or trust in their strategy is early on. I think that analyzing key metrics over 1 year of track record is enough for a $5000 investment in top performing traders.

As long as DD is minimised under a certain threshhold, and the profit is worth the risk being taken.

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Yes, we know that you are doing a lot of stuff.
but plaese post the marketing content only in your topic :wink:

On average every investor has 3000 per darwin .
I think often it is 10-15k leveraged and distributed on 5-10 darwins.
I think investors here are often disappointed by Zulu or eToro, they are tired to follow people that promise high returns low DD and than burn the account.
99% of high risk traders burn the account, maybe you are the other 1%.

Unfortunately one year of trackrecord isn’t enough to validate a good strategy and a good trader.
2 years are just the beginning, and I am saying it as trader and as investor.

Having said that I think every investor, with 3k or 300k will be very happy to make 25% annual with your BUX !
Keep on with good trading! Congrats for your results and happy Christmas!


BUX – December 2018 Performance

Interesting this month that this, I believe, is the first time the DARWIN positive returns have been greater than the positive monthly returns of the underlying strategy.


Congratulations on your 3rd consecutive prize, keep it up!