CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 64 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

BUX -- OutsidetheBoxHK -- Ichimoku Scalping


Underlying Strategy

Here are some of my recent achievements, as a support for who I am as a trader other than track record of 2 years.

1 - High ranking D Score / “trending” system on Darwinex
2 - won 3 consecutive Darwinia trading contests – received allocations totaling $170,000 in past 3 months
3 - #3 rank on HotForex copy leader board
4 - high net worth investors investing in my Fund at MT Cook (one with $100,000)
5 - #3 rank Pro Trader at PsyQuation / AxiSelect


Reasons it gets more and more difficult to capture same return using same strategy on ever increasing Assets over 2 to 5 million.

yes I’ve searched and searched for an easy way to explain these things in an article that has already been thoroughly written online but I haven’t found one yet that does the job.
Basically it’s too complicated to write all of the ideas here, because I have learnt it all on my own from Risk Managers, high net worth traders, and others in the finance space and I don’t really feel like taking the time right now to explain in writing when I need to be scalping.
Simply put it has to do with the liquidity your Liquidity Provider gives you, Top of Book etc, the currency pair you are trading, the time of day (volume), and latency for execution of the trades… even more which is measured by the Cp Capacity metric here in Investable Attributes at Darwinex.

I just flagged this post so I need a mod to split it off into my own topic as heading reads above thx.


I get you, it’s more a shorter term trader problem.

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Just an update. With a technical and fundamental view of expecting persistent / underlying / supported dollar strength, as US will continue to have higher (relatively in terms of acceleration) rates better than the rest of the world…

BUX is on fire. ranked #19 this month for 4th consecutive Darwinia allocation.

and has captured 25% in the last 6 months with 10% max Drawdown - ranked #1 over a 6 month period


It seems that your AUM has been very volatile on Zulu .
That is the problems on many sites: investors are not ready for drawdown and continuously look for new Holy Grails.
Almost every social trading site is designed to please noobs, to let them dream.
To grow we need mature traders but also mature investors.


it’s good to know that you are the type of investor/trader who does in depth research into trading performance of traders and their various strategies.

Many smart investors have told me that my system is still in the top 5 that is listed on Zulu.
There definitely should not be such great volatility in Total Assets following me on Zulu, but this decision belongs to each individual investor, who has their own character, their own goals, their own story for what motivates them in the first place.

I have a longer term mindset, so these week by week changes do not make a big difference to me, since I have seen the behavior of many types of investors and bloggers and those who make comments on what I have posted and shared publicly. More often than not this means reading cruel, unrestrained frustration and lack of self control and respect on public forums.

As you no doubt know it is important that the whole truth is known and thoroughly investigated for each trader and each system.
Zulu is what it is. They are improving their services, their goals, and their system the same way that Darwinex has sought to improve their services and target. Which is notably different than the mission and methodology of implementing their mission.
As a manual trader with 3 different strategies and 2 main ways that all different types of investors – Trade Copying based on commission, and Fund investment based on performance fees / profit sharing by percentage – there have been many times during my journey when I have had to accept the weaknesses and strengths of each platform.
This requires serenity to accept the things I cannot control (ie fickle investors, uneducated investors, risky investors, balanced investors, etc), courage to change the things I can (offer my strategies on numerous platforms with 2 or 3 ways to be compensated for what I offer), and the wisdom to know the difference and act appropriately.
So basically this means for me that I stand back and allow some things to be what they currently are, and do my best to advise different clients what is the best way for them to invest and profit over the longer term – and less risky, short term investing.


You started a very interesting discussion but it seems that the average maturity of the Zulu forum is very low
IMO they neither understand what are you talking about…


OK,do You have any idea how awful that sounds?I will translate:most people here are suckers,who are fair game for fleecing.
I will not go to your Darwin and analyze it,but his BUX I already analyzed and posted a concise and polite analysis.People can read it.
The only reason I didn’t tear him to pieces is because he was honest enough to post who is his inspiration,what is his method of work and that eventually he will blow-up.That doesn’t mean people should never invest in his darwin,but they should definitively take out the profits regularly and be aware of true risk.
If you want to attract investors,post what are you doing,how are you doing it and what are true risks for investors.


This is false information. I did not say this. 2 year track record with risk management that fits my trade plan (grid lite following Kelly Criterion style investing from Ed Thorpe).

I will translate. Most on here cannot analyse a good trader. They even say it themselves.

So, if you are confident in your Darwin, you should shout it out and convince them.
By the sounds of it ,they are losing anyway.

I see no problem with BUX pushing his Darwin.


Thank God you don’t suffer from Tall Poppy Syndrome.
(a perceived tendency to discredit or disparage those who have achieved notable wealth or prominence in public life.)

We all need to excel and be praised for what we love to do and find freedom and enjoyment from. Then this world will become a much better place to live and move.


Nothing bad int trusting your work but too much self promotion only damages your credibility.
You are not credible if you continue to put yourself as the only path to profit, like if all the rest were just a waste of time.
There is a limit between confidence and overconfidence.

If I am a good trader it has to be stated by the others, not by myself.

There is no need of much promotion, money always find the path, just a matter of time.
Scammers don’t have nothing, only promotion, so with too much promotion you only seem fake.


All I’l say OutsideTheBoxHK is you may be annoying some people here, but I bet quite a few will be checking out your DARWIN to see if it fails lol all publicity is good publicity :wink:

people can make up their own mind whether you are worth investing or not.

investors do not care if you are an arrogant blowhard or a quite church mouse as long as you make them money.

I probably would have never even clicked on your darwin had you not been so “annoying” :wink:

Regarding Commodity Trading Advisors (CTA), pushing clients to suscribe is considered a professional fault and bad practice. There is a full chapter on ethical behavior when you pass the exam. You can find isolated courses on the subject online

Laff :nerd_face: I believe that crossing the line of handling purely facts based information can be fined ultimately… perform due diligence


I dont’ care about noobs looking for the magical investing formula but I check many darwins every day including BUX .
Everyone is disciplined on highs, we are here to vigilate on discipline on significant drawdowns, like 15% or worse.

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Interesting, but not relevant to Darwin providers

Actually, if you are actively promoting, and doing so voicely, I think you’re entering a grey zone sorry.

A professional behaviour is always relevant.
I dont care so much about legality, it is good practices.
Credibility is more important than legality.

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No, you really aren’t.

The idea I could be fined for advertising my darwin on a comment thread is just plain silly.

I provide a Darwin. Darwinex deals with clients. we are not CTA’s

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