CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 66 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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all in a days / weeks work. more of this to come. once I learn this crappy Risk Manager that Darwinex runs.

The “crappy” risk manager turned a -68% DD on your account into -22% so it is not so bad. :smile_cat:


"Lejos de criticar al gestor de riesgo, hay que agradecer que esté ahí" :


The Risk Manager can be counted as “safe” by investors… but there are also some strategies that profit consistently and more frequently when the Risk Manager doesn’t restrain them (and thus the acceleration of profit / compounding is significantly and sometimes unduly impeded) — one reason for this is that the trader / manager is experienced and has a powerful Pain vs Gain ratio, Sharpe Ratio, and Omega Ratio over a period of more than 2 years that shows Max Drawdown is more than worth it when considering Total Profit / Average Profit.

Just four of my excellent Profit-makers and Compounding Machines. See others on MyFXBook:

28 month low risk strategy:

Darwinex version (impeded both by ESMA leverage restrictions and Darwinex Risk Manager — Darwinex DOES NOT copy my USDZAR trades — underlying strategy got 34% this month while Darwinex version got 10%):

PsyQuation / AxiSelect low risk strategy of 11 months:

Medium risk Strategy of 24 months:

… with a drawdown of 68% instead of 22% .

Let’s speak about the underlying strategy where there is no Risk Manager.
What is the “average profit” ?
1000% of 2017 or 76% of 2018 ?


Hi there @OutsideTheBoxHK
Hope all is well ?

Could you explain to the Darwinex community what happend on your strategy ?
Seems like a lot of people/investors are mad.

Reference to your Donna site:
Hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,

I don’t think so, he removed the “bux” account from myfxbook profile.

Yeah, actually I’ve read the whole thread on Donna Forex and it seems like he removed a lot of his strategies.
They say he had a margin call.

But I thought it would be proper to hear an explaination from himself first.
His trading might have been not that well last few days, hope he himself is doing well still.

I too, the picture is clear enough.

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I believe you are correct.
Hope to hear from him soon. And so does his investors i can imagine

This comes as no surprise. Many members rightfully pointed out the excessive risk in his trading approach and given the fact that I requested an ignore list feature precisely because of this guy I actually hope he stays silent for a little longer :crazy_face:

Oh, and the “stupid” risk manager actually protected at least the investors here at Darwinex from a margin call. :wink:


No more Darwinex in the signature… neither Mt Cook…

coincidences… :wink:


“Just four of my excellent Profit-makers and Compounding Machines.”


Not so long… link broken…


If I have learned one thing last two years here is not to be invested in ANY new darwin till he has at least 1 year of native history. Also, we have a saying here in Greece that its exact english translation is “when you hear about many cherries - carry a small basket”. Rough but I think you get what it means.


I have made an honest attempt to devise strategies that will empower someone working their way up from part time trader to full time trader, as I have written on the Donna Forex thread given above.
I love speaking and revealing the truth to those with common interests, but for now I must work on only the most urgent matters or I will no longer be able to service the fund clients who still believe that I can structure a NON RISK MANAGER strategy correctly for optimal equity growth using certain currency pairs

In the underlying strategy (so, no risk manager involved) you have a -88% DD. I wouldn’t call that “optimal growth”.

I don’t doubt that you honestly try to make things work for your investors, but clearly the risk manager did a great job protecting them from the BUX strategy problems.


Very wise words… :wink:
Do as I say, not as I do.

Trading is cutting losers and keeping the winners, or maybe hiding losers and showing winners…


This is your non-ESMA non-RISKMANAGED performance.
39% with a DD of 65% is not so attractive for noobs.
In the first part you were limiting risk realizing losses, than the edge was doped by lucky gambling.
… and this is you luckiest account, you have the bad habit to hide your unlucky accounts.
IMO you have some edge but you prefer to sell dreams with a trackrecord farm.

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Hi there @OutsideTheBoxHK
Well that wasn’t exactly the explaination I was looking for, and I can imagine it is not the explaination your investors were looking for.

Anyway, take care