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Buying ONLY futures options

@javicolonbo @ignacio

I noticed a trend in brokers specialized into the trading of futures, more and more they tend to open up towards options on futures, by offering only to BUY them, while forbidding to sell them. In other words, they keep it simple instead of skipping totally on options.
That’s actually a nice attitude because options trading as buying only still offers a lot of potential, with at many times an edge over futures.
Even if skipping on writing (selling) options takes away some advanced option strategies (iron condor, spread, etc) from the hands of the trader, there remains plenty to take advantage of, as naked trading plus long straddle / strangle, or mixed with futures (covered call, married put)

Most importantly, covering buying options only takes away a lot of complexity (regarding front and backend included, plus is covered fine by 3rd party platforms) and becomes totally acceptable in terms of managing risk since you then don’t get the awkward unlimited risk when selling options. Buying options has a limited risk perfectly known in advance, which would make it compatible with Darwins imho. Needless to say, options are a very liquid asset type, with a strong appeal regarding scaling the capacity.

Darwinex could consider it this way, with a boundary, to compliment well futures. Only the principal futures options of the CME and EUREX (on indices, interest rates, currencies, commodities) would need to be supported.
The competition is limited in this field (Collective2 covers options trading, I think including selling). There’s a spot to take, eyed by some pro money managers (I had talked to some about Darwinex and they were regretting that part was missing)

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