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BZC --- tiger151

Tips on how to invest in BZC.

Dear Investor: BZC 21 years’experience,Trader team,Strategic mix. This strategy is a necessary strategy for the portfolio。

We have said that in the world of trading, time is the best proof. Our team deserves this highly profitable result. This is because we have top-level strategies and technical systems.


Hi @tiger151
One topic is enough to discuss about BZC :wink:
Good luck with your trading!

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The magic of 15 % max. DD for investors is visible in the number of investors of BZC and BUW.

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BUC?BUC is not ours.our strategy is only BZC

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Thx, name changed .

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In the world of trading, ability takes time to prove slowly. Our team will use time to slowly prove our ability. Many other Darwin’s seemingly profitable graphs rise straight up to 40 degrees, but this type of profit graph is problematic. Within 2 years, such Darwin’s linked transactions will have a cliff-like crash,
Especially Darwin with small La value. At present, the only Darwin that can be worthy of recognition by our team is THA, BZC and SYO.