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Can you win every year in forex?

good Morning, everybody,

My query is

Is it possible to win forex for many years in a row?

If someone can send me a link to a professional hegde fund or pamm, Historical data of forex operations, I would appreciate it, greetings

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It is almost impossible to win every year with trading.

Only Medallion fund has no losing years:

Here ERQ is closing its fifth consecutive green year .

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Thanks for your help

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ERQ every year a profit


If you look to CTAs the record is 7 years in a row.
Our longest migrations are ZVQ and YZZ with 9 years in a row.

On the other side we have Dunn with 3 negative year in a row and more than 30 years of trackrecord.

So a Grail trackrecord is not necessary to be successful.

I wanted to see these records, since I notice some smear campaign towards forex (more than anything sells fumes on youtube), and wanted some inspiration, I have been looking a lot at the data that have given me and have served me too much.

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As starting point youtube is useless.
99.9% marketers that want to sell a course or useless signals.
People unable to beat the market neither for one year.

Trading forex is like trading futures, returns can be slightly higher than investing stocks and trading funds are uncorrelated to stocks, period, not a holy grail.

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Both of them ended 2019 in negative territory.
Really a cursed year… or maybe hindsight return is always better than public performance…