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Cancelled Orders

Hi! I use Twin Trading, and I placed two Buy orders and two Sell orders. The problem is that when the price activated my trading position, it was automatically cancelled. My question is WHY did that happen? For example I placed two BUY STOP positions in USDCHF, and two SELL STOP positions in the same currency. When the price reached my BUY STOP positions, one of them was cancelled while the other one stayed active. Obviously since the price moved up, I manually closed the SELL STOP positions, but why was one of my BUY STOP positions cancelled, if both BUY STOP positions was suppose to be active?

Looks like you don’t have enough money for both stop buy positions.

You see that if the free margin is less than margin used after the first buy stop is filled.

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Hi @B0R1cU4!

As pointed out by @IlIlIlIlI, the behaviour you describe is usually due to lack of funds.

To confirm this, in the Comments column of your MT4 account you should see a “deleted [No money]” message.

Is this happened on a live account, it’s recommended to reach out to so that the team can review the case.

I hope this helps!

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