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01 July 2019

Almost breakeven for 2019 :slight_smile:

Now the composition is the same as the backtest:,AZG.4.20,BOT.4.17,BSL.4.23,CBY.4.14,DAS.4.1,ERQ.4.4,EZN.4.2,JGC.4.8,JMC.4.1,MYQ.4.24,NTI.4.12,PLF.4.1,PUL.4.6,SCR.4.5,SYO.4.24,ULI.4.2,UYZ.4.23,WFJ.4.13,ZXW.4.5


SCS has 344 investors
YZZ has 111

  1. Because I am involved in investing traders since 2012 and I dont’ want to give up admitting I was wasting time.
  2. Because I think that investing traders with Darwins is the best way.
  3. Because a working portfolio can be the real Holy Grail, with a return/DD rate impossible to acheive for a single trader.

Yes, yes, different tastes and personalities!
I erased my developed system, cause I suspected it cheated on me :wink:
I don´t hink you wasted your time and believe it is a promising way, and not everyone has to be a trader. I can imagine the advantages of investorism…
To 3: I feel challenged, but was just enjoying the newly found serenity on this board…

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Here you can find everything…
Read time: 121 minutes :wink:


Only the trader has the complete picture.
Investors should know the number of accounts and the real wealth of the trader, it is impossible.

The possible thing is to know the trader, from the personality is possible to quantify the honesty.

This is the reason I mainly invest traders known here.
If I lack info about the trader I prefer not to invest, the risk to bump into lucky or manipulated stuff is too high.


All the reason.
I share this point of view.


Add that for a manager with investment is difficult to communicate, with some investors.
Also when a great obstacle appears on the road, that communication is complicated. Especially if you really care about the losses of investors.:pensativo:


In your opinion, is Darwin CIS using a Martingale type strategy.
The returns are good, and the trader communicates well in the community, but something makes me wary, and I cannot put my finger on it.

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I dont’ think it is a martingale but it is a bit borderline so I would wait for more trackrecord, trader’s equity is also not so high…

The problem is not the averaging but short trackrecord and also low Ex, so low significance and high weight of the luck component.


He is updating and advertising only his results, we cannot say to know him…
What are his opinions? His education? His past career, his expectations…

Look at the DD chart in his myfxbook accounts
The MQL5 link from his profile (linked in his Darwin) is also very interesting
And I cannot see here why he closed his other Darwin (but assume that a closed Darwin is not updated for his last day anymore)

HFD makes 30% + /year in the last 2.5 years. How can this be luck with 1500 trades?

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Trades are not so important as years of trackrecord.
Maybe he is not lucky and he is the best on Darwinex or in the world,
My opinion is that it is still to early to state it.
2.5 years are not enough to calculate an annualized return.

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These are the first 2 years of DLF , we know what comes next…
500 investors on April 2018.

maybe DLF destroyed the account on purpose or he has lost his mind. :slight_smile: , but it’s hard to believe that he had 2 years and 1000 trades of luck.
Maybe it had to do with the share bull market which coincidentally ended about the time when DLF topped. Coincidentally because traded USD and Euro. But who knows, maybe there is a connection and his strategy worked well during that bull market and didn’t anymore during the following sideway market.

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If you analyze trading journal you will notice it is not so.
Stable risk and stable behaviour.
I think you got the point: is it possible to have lucky run for 2 years and 1000 trades? YES
It has already happened and 500 investors lost money buying high.
I have no info about the trader behind HFD , maybe he is a good trader but this is an above average return. Even good and disciplined traders can be lucky.


The trader has 17 darwins… 14 of them with a negative return. That cannot be a good sign.