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CavaliereVerde's live portfolio - Wide

Did you step in “FSK II”? :innocent:

No… :smiley_cat:
I don’t believe in Grails after 7 years dealing with retail traders.
the problem is not VAR… execution… replication or X raying single trades …
The problem is…


Even honest traders can be lucky, and luck is very dangerous.


I believe the word you are looking for is VARIANCE

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I wonder when we will be able to short darwins (feel free to delete this from this thread)

Hey, I’ve lost track… is the list of Darwins in your portfolio public somewhere? Anyway, the reason I am asking it’s because of JMC (wanted to look if it’s in there), there’s very little literature about him, his divergence has done funny things in the past but maybe if (bigger) investors stay away from him, is an opportunity? What do you think about it?

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I am not disclosing the composition of my portfolios anymore because I plan to become a portfolio provider when it will be implemented.

JMC is still in this portfolio.
titandrader is very experienced trader.
The darwin is not so profitable as before since it is trading ony eurusd to have better capacity.


Can’t find such interview :(, would you mind sending a link?


Nice!!! Very much excited about being a portfolio provider. I can’t deny It’s been in my mind also but I didn’t know there were official plans on making it happen, what are the lattest (official) news there?

I trully wish you best of luck there. You deserve massive success after all your (time) investment and contribution to Darwinex. Invest safely and smartly.

PS- Thanks a lot for the JMC disclosure ;), helps me a lot.


As investor is impossible to get burnt.
What is very likely is that you pick 5 darwins, one is a rotten apple and after 6 months you are back to break even.

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That’s exactly what I mean.
A Darwin has a very huge weight on the investor portfolio, unless you choose 100 Darwins.
If you have a bad one in 5 Darwins, it is 20% of your portfolio.
Ok that you can recover in 6 months if the others perform well, but kind of frustrating, especially if you choose more than 1 rotten apple.

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Please tell me!
Even if you are not an investor I think it is a due for every user to point out dangerous stuff to protect investors and to protect the credibility of the Darwin asset class.


Sorry, I’m not because the owner of that Darwin already publicly slandered me, calling me a scammer.
I’m not looking for any fight here. I’m glad some posts help me as a trader and as a potential investor in the future. I’m glad if my posts can also help someone else.
For the rest, I try to stay away from pointless discussions in which I only end up wasting my time.


You’ve said enough my friend! :wink:


28 February 2020

Darwins: 20
Leverage: 2
VaR: 6.65%
February rotation: 0

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It took me 7 years but it seems I developed a nose for true and robust traders.

The opposite of how KVL has moved past week. I should have bought ALN as a hedge :stuck_out_tongue:

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ALN got 7 new investors in last month period. So maybe not the crowd, but some made the discovery.


KVL has gone :skull:

Now I need a replacement for my Wide portfolio and I want to ask to fellow friends and colleagues of the community.

What do you suggest me to buy?

  • THA
  • NSC
  • RAT

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