CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 66 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

CavaliereVerde's live portfolio

ADVICE: watching KVL graphic and its track record, it looks like it is the perfect time to invest on it…Nice drawdown that KVL has proved to recover from many times in the past.


The new filter I am testing on demo has an high equity rule.
This does not mean that low equity darwins that I have on my live portfolio have to be removed.
Maybe they will be encouraged to increase it. :wink:

Looking to return of my investments EEE and ICX are close to -20% .
As trader whe I have a losing strategy I remove it but darwins are different.
A darwin represents the work of a trader, a person can be able to fix and improve his ruleset.
Removing the darwin would not remove the loss and these darwins are still trusted by the providers.



About FSK …
lower left to upper right is ok :+1:
6 months migrated and 6 months native is a bit less ok…

Let’s look under the hood and to the bigger picture.

  1. The trader already closed 3 darwins.
  2. The other darwin WWT has a big allocation of 590k thanx to a +18% in october followed by a -23% in november.
  3. VAR of the strategy skyrocketed from 20% to 99% (all-in)

Bought ONE
Bought STP
Bought BOT
Bought CSP

To buy :
UYZ (not available, aum above 400k)

Christmas late shopping… :smile_cat: :christmas_tree:


yea Ukrainian team of algorithmic developers for automated trading.
their systems on myfxbook are tremendously profitable and consistent. I like to find other traders with a number of various strategies and brokers.

Although @AlgotradeSoft doesn’t participate in this Community Forum so we don’t know much about his team, his strategy, or his background.

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I was wrong.


Bought UYZ

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I hope to be updated by @DarwinexLabs or @javicolonbo about their performance in 2018.

In the meantime let’s look to competitors.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Microsoft technology
  • PhDs

… negative result for 2018…


The more IA and the more powerfull computer, the more curve fitting you may obtain.

It is only a possibility. Over optimization is not a must. But why every time we heard speak of mathematic PHD and machine learning we got the biggest over optimisation ? Just because it is possible. :sunglasses:

Another constant, the only winner is : the broker. :grinning:


It’s not just Etoro’s problem.

Take a look here:

These guys are all professionals.

What I like more it’s the section “Absolute Return”. :sweat_smile:

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Yes but traditional funds are just stocks portfolios.
You pay a “professional” to perform worse than spx500 :smiley:

Trading = hedge funds
this is the sad reality of 2018


After my previous negative comment i want to say something positive.
The result of this month is impressive, but what matters for me is that it has been acheived with an equity of 7k and a VAR of 50% , I think this is the max leverage allowed after ESMA.

So even with past mistakes the trader now is doing serious.


After getting huge Darwinia allocation, the darwin volatility spiked - now, I don’t know if it was due to underlying asset volatility spike, or trader changing their risk profile (I am leaning towards this, since there is little incentive not to with old equity rules)

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If it were for Darwinia he could trade with a var of 5%.
With this risk profile he is trusting his strategy and he wants to make money, not just pips and win a contest/game.

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This year I am slighly negative as investor (-3%), despite it I paid 300€ in performance fees.
Rebates were desinged to cover this unfair situation, investors rebates have been +330€

Of course it isn’t Darwinex’ fault, it is how the financial world works.
If you buy 10 funds at Morningstar and only 3 make money you have to pay the performance fees to those 3.

Yeah, I understand that. They estimated that rebates would cover something like 80% of differential from real net 20% high watermark commission in case of a diversified portfolio - thus easing the negative side effects of diversification. In case of a single Darwin portfolio this problem doesn’t exist, obviously.

They still didn’t have to do that though - cover this cost themselves. That they chose to shows that they are serious about their clients success, and not just revenue, at least at the moment.


They want investors to win or at least to keep on because winning as investors is the most difficult thing.
Winning as broker/bank is the most easy thing, you win even if 100% of your customers are losers.

Winning as provider is not so difficult, if I have 3 darwins and only one wins I earn fees.

As investor I need the majority of the invested darwins to be profitable.

When I started this portfolio i thought there were many traders that were also investors, now I know that there are very few, and this is the reason.


Business and investing is ALL about Probability and what Size to place on each investment, depending on statistics and probability.

What is the likelihood of the “expected outcome”, given a sample size of at least 1000 trades?

Same can be applied to a portfolio of DARWINs. it’s just that most people don’t know how to do this or don’t believe that the time invested in this process is actually most valuable way to build success slowly.

Probability of Success:
1. Broker
2. Provider
3. Investor

If you want to make money just bet proportionally on proven winners, as patterns repeat themselves over a long period of time.

It seems a robust strategy not fitted to impress investors…
this one trades mainly indexes

That is the problem : how to find proven winners.
When I started to study Darwinex it was the beginning of 2015 , there were 200 darwins.
There are only 2 darwins still working and investable today: NTI and ERQ .

Now we have 2000 active darwins so there should be 20 investable but they are not the ones with highest return or highest DScore…

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