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CavaliereVerde's live portfolio

3-5 years to wait? Trading on the system is conducted by currency pairs - GBPUSD, EURUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD, USDCHF.

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Hmm… I don’t think that a trend reversal will take 3-5 years.

Also, apart from low Mc, your darwin HQL has Ex< 10 and less than 12 months of live trackrecord after migration (those are, if I recall fine, some of the CavaliereVerde’s portfolio rules)

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I require only 3 months of native trackrecord but the trader has to be a Member of this forum.
Trust level 2

Using the community as a personal blog discussing only about your darwin isn’t enough.

I am investing colleagues , and I pretend them to discuss about everything related to trading, in that way I can understand their level of education and humility.


He will not invest in my trade 100%. There are 10 reasons. Likey little in my forum is also the reason for this. Although I manage assets of about 5 million USD. And here 0 USD. Apparently there are no real investors here, I have one answer to this question.

Oh, 3 months, I thought it was more, ok understood. I guess then that it is a total of 12 months, migrated trackrecord included.

Instead of blaming investors, it would be more useful to try to improve your darwin’s strategy. I can assure you that a good Darwin will get investors, without any need to advertise in the forums :wink:

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And what should I improve? I already wrote this half a year ago. I have + 70% done for a year. Is not that enough? We need 500-1000% of the investor then. Here, strategies with 10-15% per year are not needed.

I do not blame real investors. I write that there are not many of them here, and the rest are virtual or drawn to create a visible popularity of the resource. I have one answer for this question. Why I was invested in 5 million, and not invested a dollar here. The answer is obvious and it’s not me, but the fact that there is no money here. In the rating of the system are virtual, real people are thrown out of the rating in order not to give prize money. Why am I not in the ranking when the results are good? When I’m in the rating. It’s funny.

I think it is clear: for some investors like CavaliereVerde or myself, you should improve Mc parameter. Also, until Ex ==10, the other indicators will not be fully statistically valid, you’re very close.

Lots of people here have in their portfolio strategies with a 10-15% return per year. Again, it is not the problem of the strategy. But your strategy has right now, since inception (one year ago), a 5.42% return, and a -27.58 drawdown. IMHO, the risk/reward ratio for HQL darwin is very poor right now.

You don’t need 500% returns. If you get 30% yearly returns with not very big DD, you’ll get lots of investors.


Do you mean that hundreds of investors are fake? I dont’ think so.

By the way I don’t care, I am a real trader and a real investor.

Investors dont’ care about what you write on the description, they want to see YEARS of profitable trackrecord HERE.
Results not words.


So, after blaming investors for not being intelligent enough to invest in HQL, now you’re blaming Darwinex for cheating us? really?

If you were invested 5 million and not a single dollar here may be that it is because here, your work is analyzed by fellow traders. In Darwinex, lots of traders are investors themselves, your trades and behavior, thanks to the great darwinex algorithms, are being scrutinized to be sure that you’re really a good trader, and not only a lucky one. Or a scammer. Or whatever strange.

Why do you say that your results are good? Do you think that 5% return in one year with a 27% drawdown is good?

HQL has very good parameters, La, Pf and Cp are good, Rs is in my limit but it is ok. As soon as Ex goes to 10 and if you get a good year/trackrecord (more than a 5% return), I bet that you’ll get investors. There are other people out there that is not worried about Mc (although for me it is important also).

Darwinex is one of the most open and transparent platforms that you’ll find. I can’t believe that you think that some traders are thrown out of the rating to avoid invest in them. It is just plain absurd. Darwinex has lots of investors (although it would be great to have more!), and there are Darwins getting money. You just need to create a good strategy.


And what prevents to invest even now 100 USD? -))) Or will you wait for a 100% return rate so that odds are beautiful? And the likes of the forum was more?

There is nothing to tease.
Stating that there are hundreds of fake investors does not help your credibility.
I am real and also my few investors.
What I see here on HQL is six months of good results.
Keep on and we will see…
Maybe instead of posting you gains every week you should describe a bit more your strategy, or intervene in discussions about trading, about books and about investig other darwins.


@MyfxmapCom Limitless averaging into losing positions isn’t exactly what I would call investable trading and seeing that nobody invested in your strategy makes me assume that investors over here are actually pretty smart. Other than that I call bullshit on your 5 Million AuM claim.


Why did you decide so? For every trade, I have a stop. Stop for a month. Stop for a year. This is your fantasy.

I am reading this thread, and I think you should realize everybody is thinking different than you (is should be for a reason, don´t you think so?).
So, instead of blaming everybody (and losing more credibility), better you explain your strategy in a constructive way, talk about trading subjects, suggest improvements, etc…
The way you are arguing here doesnt help your cause at all…Darwinex community is not easy impressed by words, new migrated accounts or fantastic numbers without good algoritms and even less when whining or presenting negative arguments (all this is considered B.S.)…
Nothing against you, just change your attitude and behavior and you´ll realize how things can change for you. This is a mature community my colleague… my two cents.
If you think you should invested, look at this darwin, I´ve never seen better numbers in my life, and it has ZERO investors here…guess why?



This is exacltly the reason I pretend the status of member.
This community is even better than DScore, DScore is an algo while here you have at least 20 active posters and experienced traders that will dissect your trading so it is impossible to write bullshit trying to convice the others.

  1. Where is the guarantee that the transferred statistics are not drawn? This guarantee is not 100%. Who has access to the special program can, and for 10 years, transfer statistics DRAFT. It is necessary to transfer statistics only from known brokers, and then it will be constantly.

  2. 5 years of beautiful statistics moved - poker down, money in your pocket darwin and so constantly. Conveyor. The circuit works. This is like a PAMM-account the investor never knows where the PAMM-trader is real, and where it is affiliated with the kitchen.

  3. Who is the liquidity thief in Darwin? Where can I see the withdrawal of transactions from liquidators?

  4. This is a topic for a separate post, just as here the moshinic actions are being committed.

Dumb example. A man here a couple of days from him that millions should be investment? You give stupid examples. Who Laiki have put why do not they invest everything themselves perfectly? That’s right - the crowd must be driven into a fictitious account - it will have a poker down.

What I see is two guys (SCS and you) trying to fool us…sorry, but this B.S. doesn´t work here. Try in other place.
Anyway, this is a non sense conversation at this point. Good luck to you.