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CavaliereVerde's live portfolio

Thank you @assur88

Thanks for your compliments @CavaliereVerde , but you are out of track… At the end of the year, I will detail also about last quarter/semester for both, particular attention will be on these last months. I’m sure you’ll understand more.

VolcanoFX :volcano:

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Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing. (Warren Buffett)

This is the real investable attribute: knowledge

Knowing the trader and knowing his strategy.


Bought CVL


I thought you didn´t use to invest on darwins with low EX…even it is your darwin.

Ex and past trackrecord are very important if you dont’ know the trader and the strategy.

I started investing my LSC in January 2016 when its EX was 4 .

Yesterday CVL was “on fire” , today it isn’t anymore so not a bad entry …:joy: :joy:

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In that case, wait for a drawdown…:wink:

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It is quite evident that equity works to separate winners from losers.


Of course it is not.

It is possible that many traders increase their equity after a while, when they are more confidents (what is very subjective).

However, if you add today one million Euro to any trader, this trader won´t be better from today on. So, adding more equity prove nothing more that a determine trader is risking more money.

On fact, after adding one million Euro, most likely the trader wil have worse returns. Because it will have more divergence and much more mental stress.

Therefore, the statistics usually are made on biassed factors that the person who want to prove something takes to make its point. And also, the outcome of those have to be interpretated, and every person has a personal view or interest to made the conclusions look on its side.

You or me can bring here stats based on some numbers, but the fact is: a higher equity don´t make any trader better. You can´t prove I am wrong on this one. Nobody can.

The above stats of darwins that @JJENSLOPFAM presented showed there is a strong correlation between trader’s equity and results. If your research suggests otherwise please show it here. Nobody is trying to convince me, you or anybody mate - relax.


Nobody is saying that a bad strategy become good if you trade it with 10k.
The hard reality is that traders with more equity have better results on average.
We are not darwinex or darwinia , we are investors trying to make money, and it is very difficult…
If somebody think that a portfolio built with low equity traders can beat the market if has just to prove it at least with a demo.


I am relaxed…hahaha. Why wouldn´t I?
I just made my point valid. If you can prove that adding equity to any trader will improve its behavior, you are welcome to bring the numbers here. I am excited to see them…:sunglasses:

It is bad traders that prove to be bad not adding money…

You are free not to agree or not to be pleased by these numbers but we are not here to make a phylosophical discussion, we need some working creiteria to find good traders.

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If you take the same darwin of this stats and see what their attributes are, you can state that high attributes grades are directly related to good return. Equity don´t give you more knowledge, good trading behaviors do.

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i didn’t want to post it but as you wish…
Ex 10 and equity10k+

of course there are losers also with high equity but the concentration of losers is much higher with low equity.

Generally high equity traders have better tools and better education, because they deal with trading as a business not as a game.


Again, you or me can analize any stats and make our own conclusions based on what each of us want to see at them.

You want to see equity is correlated with return, that´s fine. But, I´d bet if I take the same graphic, I could state that all these traders have high attribute grades, don´t you think so?

What I believe is that generally speaking all or most traders with good returns have also good attributes (then as a consecuence many of them added equity on their accounts). However, many traders don´t want, don´t have or are not interested to add equity (for any reason), and they can be as good as the ones with higher equity, the diffence will be the trading behavior, not the equity.

You honestly thing that a darwin with several years of good trading behavior and good returns, but 300Euros account is gaming? Come on…you don´t believe that. Track record is what matter, you always stated that.

trackrecord matters, return matters, DScore matters but all of this is THE PAST.
As investors i am not interested in finding the best of the past but finding the robust for the future.
You oppose you opinions to our studies, if you have different studies to prove your ideas just show them! :slight_smile:

Usually traders with 4 years of trackrecord also have an high equity… strange…


No, I am using your OWN studies to make my point, I can´t be fairless!

But let´s say you are not interested to answer my statements, because you had to agree with them. That´s fine, I understand. Not hard feelings. Have a nice weekend. :grinning:

Yes because you arent’ an investor and you havent’ spent lots of hours to do these kind of studies…
it is easy to desagree but you have to add something useful to invest…

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This is easy to prove, go to all darwins and just filter them by the highest D-Score. The first 34 on top have profits, thats a clear evidence attributes and behavior generally give good returns. Using a biassed conclusions don´t make any point at all. Regardless how hard you try.

So, now analize it.

And please, don´t assume what I know or I don´t, you don´t really know me at all. That´s not polite and make your statements weaker. I am done with this matter for today. Enjoy your weekend.

High DScore of today means good recent return, which too often doesn’t translate in future return.
I have done some forward tests of darwins that had high DScore one year ago, have you made this kind of test?

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