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CavaliereVerde's live portfolio



What is that last image from ? (amounts/stars?!?)

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Just my personal evaluation/satisfaction with traders shown in the Hall of Fame.
Based on long term results, transparency and consistency.

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I am a fan of @KlondikeFX ‘s “conservative” & humbling approach myself. I like that it progresses slowly both ways. As humourous as it sounds, I appreciate the nature of his drawdown and the frequent quality of NTI’s hung peaks and valleys. It all makes me hope for longer term robustness.

Is ERQ closed for good or only on hiatus/vacation ?


Max capacity set by @OakLadder for ERQ is 800k .

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Humm, depending on my webpage refresh actions, I randomly either get


Did I hit a bug straight out of the matrix ? :scream:

@miguelDarwinex something to look into ?

This is what I have…

I Get this (just now) ???

You can buy it on demo, I am showing LIVE :wink:


LOL, you are a genius @CavaliereVerde, thanks.

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So, all good ? Except the status is not permanent without change

I solicited him to raise the limit but I think he hasn’t logged into the community since December.

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Where is the trendline now? :wink:


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01 February 2019




Well done. I am thinking we are getting close to winning (at least you anyway).

Do you use different weights on your core portfolio (more money I mean) compared to the darwins of your other portfolio? I am asking cause I got an idea…

Yes twice the money.

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Is there any particular reason that you chose specifically PFI and PFZ from @forexelate? Why not more or different ones?

What I am thinking is that it makes sense to have some percentage allocated to YOUR picks. I am satisfied with my portfolio but it cannot hurt to have some good diversification - just a thought at the moment.

As I stated above @forexelate is a friend and we are algo traders that develop strategies with a very similar process.
We have read the same books and we are using the same tools.
PFI is s a trendfollower like LSC , I am certain about it not just guessing.
PFZ is a contrarian like KVL .

Rulesets are not the same but the quality is the same.