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CBH & CBZ - by Kristo

I want to present my Darwin CBH and CBZ to the entire Darwinex community. First of all I apologize if you do not understand what I have written, because I am Spanish and I needed the help of the Google translator.

To start I want to introduce myself and let me know. My name is Cristo Hernández and I have been operating in Forex since 2009.

I have been dedicating the last 4 years to the study of automatic trading. I am not a professional programmer, and I do not have any degree that justifies that I am an expert of the automatic systems, but i do have passion for trading in the financial markets.

For all of us who do manual trading, the difficult to do so is increasing due to the manipulation present on the markets. This is why I decided to get on the trend and create my own automatic system.

I have been learning on my own to create systems based on studying online, read books, watch tutorials, see other systems, etc. And little by little I have perfected a good automated strategy.

When I got to know Darwinex and migrated my history, I realized that I made a mistake manually operating on the same account that had my automatic system, and the history i got on darwinex was crazy. So I decided to have patience, and start creating the history of my system little by little from scratch. I believe that having a 100% history created in darwinex can give investors more confidence in the long term.

CHBolsaPRO strategy: Darwin CBH

• It is an automatic system based on the setbacks of a short-term trend.
• It detects optimal volatility (neither too low nor too high) to enter the market, which is why most of the operations are found in the Asian session.
• Avoid opening operations in great market impact hours.
• Operating in the main currency pairs: EUR/USD - GBP/USD - USD/JPY - USD/CHF - USD/CAD.
• No martingale.

CHBolsaINTRA strategy: Darwin CBZ

• It is the same automatic system as the CHBolsaPRO strategy, but only in the GBP / USD pair.
• This strategy is 90% automatic. Sometimes the system gives me a signal in which I can adjust the stop loss and profit, so I can raise the performance on the system. This will help me to know more about the system for future updates of it, both for CBH and for CBZ.
• No martingale.


• I did not want to publish in all this time so that there was enough history and data to present my Darwin.
• In just six months darwinex has given me a very good D-Score score, so I also took advantage of the fact that the system had a considerable Drawdown (as is the case in March) to see how Darwin acted, the attributes, and thus study my strategy. The reaction of the strategy to this drawdown was more than positive, that was reflected in the attributes of the strategy, so the D-Score remained with a good score.
• Please take into account the history in the Darwin CBZ as of February 21, 2018. At first I did not know how the algorithms worked and I did many tests to familiarize myself with Darwinex.

I hope to be well received in the community, and be able to help each other to improve our strategies. Darwinex seems to me a company with a very good ethics, philosophy and a very good idea, in which we can all win: Trader, Investor and Broker.

Happy Trading!!


I would also like to share with you the experience of the DarwinIA competition last month (April), I finished in 49th place, imagine my adrenaline hahaha

These things are what motivate me to continue working every day.


Buenas @Kristo,

Como español, decirte que sería un placer te unieses a un grupo de Telegram exclusivo de Darwinex (no oficial, pues no existe) donde estamos muchos traders e inversores.

Te dejo el enlace:

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Thanks for inviting me @Yofxtrader
As soon as I install it, I will join the group.
A big hug to all the Spaniards of the community. I hope to go to the next event they do in Madrid and meet us.

Hi community!

This week CBH has exceeded maximum.
The volatility that has been this week during the European session has made the system operate more in the Asian session.

Return this week: + 1.35%

Happy Trading!


We update the week for the Darwin CBH.
This week we have new investors who have entered into a very good point of purchase.

Add also that Darwinex has put a “Good Notes” filter. And there is very little to achieve the next “Return> 50%”, in just 7 months.

Weekly return: 1.70%

Happy trading!


Hello community!

I have updated the Darwin CBZ system. Now it is 100% automatic.

I have adjusted the system so that it does not operate in times of volatility, and only opens position when the volatility has not exceeded its stop loss established in a period of time.

In the tests that I have done the system has behaved better than expected.

I would like to add, that I am working on a new system adapted for Darwinex. I have used my experience with my Darwin CBH which has good grades in almost all the attributes, and I want to improve the Loss Adversity (LA) and Capacity (Cp) in the new Darwin. I hope to maintain the good divergence.

Once it remains stable and concise at least six months, I will launch the new Darwin.

Happy trading !!


Hello community of Darwinex !!

I just wanted to comment, that the new settings of my Darwin CBZ are paying off. I have adjusted the profit, and the volatility in which the system searches for entries. It is having the same good results as in the previous backtest.
At the beginning of August I decided to incorporate a new pair, NZD / USD, into the Darwin CBZ. It is giving me very good results in the backtest and in other accounts that I use for tests.
These latest updates that I have done, is making the Darwin CBZ exceed maximums.
I already commented once, but I want to repeat it again, since February 21, 2018 CBZ DOES NOT use martingale.

And on my other Darwin CBH, they have put me in another filter “Under the Radar”, which in my opinion is very good, and can give me much more visibility.
Currently the Darwin is in Drawdonw, and I would like to welcome the new Investors who have joined the Darwin taking advantage of the opportunity with the current Drawdonw.

And finally add that last month of July I was ranked 45th in the DarwinIA competition, and I have been assigned € 30,000. Thank you very much Darwinex !!

Excuse me for my bad English.
Regards, and happy trading!

Hello community!

Here is an update on the new developments of my Darwin CBH.

CBH is currently exceeding the maximum, and because the next month it will be a year since i joined Darwinex, I would like to celebrate it by overcoming a 50% of return.

Last month, CBH won again another prize of € 30,000, becoming a total of € 60,000 in prize. This plus the $ 50,000 in investors, CBH is managing approximately $ 110,000.

All this progress was in less than a year and i won´t get tired of thanking the investors and Darwinex for trusting me.

Greetings, and happy Trading !!


It is still November, but in just 9 days my Darwin CBH has recovered what was lost in the month of October. I hope it’s a good month and we’ll enter the DarwinIA awards.
Week: + 2.76%
November: + 4.12%
Total: + 44.69%
This month of November I am serving 1 year in Darwinex, and I feel satisfied with making 44.69% in one year. Congratulations to all the investors who have followed me from the beginning trusting me.
At the end of this month I plan to increase the Equity by the new rules of the DarwinIA competition. It will not be easy for me to increase to € 10,000 because not everyone has that money, and my intention was to increase what I had invested in my own Darwin with what I earned from Investors and Prizes, because it is more profitable than investing in it. the Underlying Strategy. But these are the rules of Darwinex and you have to adapt. My point of view remains that Darwinex is the only broker whose business model is win-win with the Trader and Investor.
Finally, I would like to thank and welcome the new Investors that have joined this week and have benefited from the rise of the Darwin CBH.

PD: Sorry for my bad English, it’s translated into google.

A greeting.
Happy Trading


Dear community.

Notice for CBH investors. As of Monday, May 20, the underlying strategy of CBH will be updated.
Since my scalping system is somewhat complicated to adapt to a Darwin, and because of the lack of capital, I have decided to change the underlying strategy to a semi-automatic system.
I’ve tried this strategy for almost a year, giving me a return to today’s date of 81%, and a DD of 13%. Later I will publish an article on my website with details of the new strategy, but to give you an advance:

  • The system tells me the address and lottery in which I have to open the position.
  • Profits and stop-losses are fixed.
  • The objective of each position is double the acceptable loss.
  • It is a trend strategy in chart H4.
  • One trade for each asset.
  • No martingale.

Graphic attachment Underlying strategy:

Greetings, and happy trading!

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Good community!
In the month of May, I entered the DarwinIA awards, ranking 59th, closing the month with a + 5.14% return.
The new Darwin CBH Strategy is giving very good results, starting the month of June with a vertigo rise of + 5.82%.
I hope to continue giving good results and to create a good TR of the new strategy.
Greetings, and happy trading!


Well done @Kristo :sweat_smile: ! Keep up the good work !

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