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Hello everyone,

I’m one of the older Darwinex member (since 2015), but never wrote here in the community (but I read the most post quite often)
I decided to join the community as soon as my lastest darwin will reach the 50% gain. Here it is: CBY

This darwin is fully automated and use my EA Forex Cyborg (maybe someone read about it before).

Here is a backtest of v1.1 that I released last month. It use a fixed lot of 1.0 per trade in the back test:

Here are some more informations about the strategy:

Forex Cyborg is a multicurrency (pre-)asian scalper that trade up to 15 currency pairs. It start trading at the end of the american and start of pacific trading session. It open trades between 18:30-23:30 GMT.

It use 5 different exit logics to find the best exit point. Forex Cyborg use TP and SL (50 - 120 pips depending on the chosen pair) but will close more than 99% of the trades earlier. It will reach this targets only in unusual market conditions and is there as a insureance to limit the risk and make it calculable.

Forex Cyborg does not use any risky technique like grid or martingale.

It open max. 1 position per currency pair. Each trade has a fixed risk of 4.5% per trade.

The achilles heel of every multicurrency asian scalper is, that they open multiple positions of the same currency in different currency pairs and upper the risk in case of a strong trend. Sometimes up to 4-6 positions at the same time.
We are proud to deliver a solution for this problem with our innovative ‘currency correlation risk-manager’.
It scans the open positions and block multiple positions of the same currency.
In this darwin Forex Cyborg will allow max. 2 positions of the same currency.
A small example to explain it: If Forex Cyborg already opened a EURCAD - sell and a CADCHF - buy, than it will block USDCAD - sell or GBPCAD - sell, until one of the two opened order are closed. GBPCAD - buy would be possible in this case.

The average win is nearly at the same level as the average loss, while Forex Cyborg archieve over 70% profitable trades.

One important factor for such strategies is a high expectancy. At the date of publication the darwin has a expectancy of 4.2 pips.

I’m aware that the track record isn’t quite long yet, but I’m quite confident that it will be successful in the future too.

Looking forward to hear your comments and your questions.

Best regards,


Hoho :sunglasses:
@XedFX is now on Community!!!

Warm welcome to you, and thank you for taking the time to introduce your system much deeper.

Just for the pleasure of eyes, here’s CBY!!

Keep up the good work, and happy to see you here, again!


Great work! Awesome results.


Thank you very much!

We reached the Ex = 10 just a few weeks ago with a D-Score around 80.
Only a few days until we have a 12 months history. Over 50% in just a year would be a great result!


Hi @XedFX
I noticed quite a bad divergence on CBY , higher than -1%
It seems to be much lower on ZTY , I see that both darwins are night scalpers, what are the main differences between them ?

Hello @CavaliereVerde
Yes right, I also noticed this. The bad divergence is a result of one trade (GBPCHF) with -8.8pips slippage / divergence at the 01.07.
Seems like there was a huge lack of liquidity. It’s the first time I had a trade with such a high divergence. Normally all other trades are between -2.0 till +1.5 pips.
I think this is only a temporary problem and will not happen too often.

The difference between ZTY and CBY are high. CBY is far more advanced, works with fixed risks, should normally produce less divergence since it open the most trades before the asian session starts (ZTY opens the most trades right after the rollover time) and it has has a very good risk management tool (I called it “correlation risk manager”)


I wish everyone a happy new year!

Since 2018 ended, I thought I should give a small update.

2018 was a good year for my strategy behind CBY, even if we had some drawdowns. Overall CBY made +43.11% last year.

I worked on a new version since a longer timeframe and I will release it in the next day. It should improve the results in 2019 and I hope that we will leave the current DD soon.

I’m thankful for all investors that stayed, even after same bad days. I’m sure we will reach a new high soon.
I already reached a new equity high on the strategy behind CBY. Sadly it takes a bit longer for the Darwin, because of the risk manager.

I wish you all the best and a great trading year 2019!

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The other day there was a big DD. May be it was related to the new version deployed or is it something else? It seems the worst/fastest DD in the CBY history.

I learned that sharp DD aren’t as bad as they may seem (thanks @TevershamCapital!) but still is difficult for me as investor to digest them :slight_smile:

There was a flash crash of currencies against JPY. This happened to more than a few Darwins, right after NY close.


Oh, I wasn’t aware of that (I’m not too much into markets…), thanks for the info!

Yes right, as yhlasx mention, there was a extreme market situation. LMAX even stopped any position opening + closing. Some brokers had spreads like 200-300 pips on some pairs.

Lesson learned: Stop trading between xmas + new year.

The new version was not active. It’s live since this weekend.


An excellent idea. I believe the trader behind NTI does this every year.
I wish all Darwin providers would close all positions and refrain from trading around Christmas and the New Year as liquidity is unpredictable and there are often erratic price moves and probably huge spreads at times.

Unfortunately, as an Investor I cannot see a way around this, apart from selling all Darwins held, and buying them back in the New Year.

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It seems that december 2016 was a fantastc month for many visible darwins.
If I am not wrong Chistmas happened also in 2016…
Low liquidity can be a problem for scalpers but I would not generalize.
There was a flashcrash , that was the cause of huge spreads, other flashcrashes I remember did not happen during holydays.
Some darwin lost 10% some other gained 10% .

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@XedFX A question for you regarding Darwin CBY. Does your EA check the spread before opening trades?
Just curious because I know spreads can vary wildly sometimes in the Asian session.

I know you’ve been around a long time because I invested in your Darwin ZTY a long time back :slight_smile:

Sure! It checks several things, beside the spread. It’s a must have for every asian scalper.

And thank you very much for your trust! I’m confident, that we will have a great trading year :blush:


Hi @XedFX !
Congrats for your performance and consistency with CBY but I am a bit worried for its divergence.
Some days ago it was worse than -1% and the value is very unstable.
Capacity should be more than 500k.
What’s you opinion? Are you doing something to improve it?

Hello CavaliereVerde,

sorry for the late reply.
Yes the divergence is truly a problem, but the reason is mostly a single trade with a high slippage. I don’t think that this can be eliminated, but I think a split entry can reduce it a bit. I will check if this will have a high impact on the strategy soon.

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Hi @XedFX
I noticed you restarted trading also on ZTY .
Can I have an update about CBY and ZTY , any evolution about divergence?

Sorry for the late reply.

You are right, I restarted ZTY but with a more save strategy. Still an asian scalper, but it will trade directly at the beginning of the asian session and is aiming for only a few pips.

CBY opens many / the most trades before the start of the asian scalper and is aiming for more pips.

I made a small change regarding the entry point that could improve the divergence. Currently it’s only -0.01% on CBY and I hope it stays below -0.20%, but sometimes a single trade can push it to >-0.20% if there is just a quick move with low liquidity. I think that is something that is out of my control and would only be manageable if I would use FIX API instead of MT4, where I could read the book and only open a position if I see enough liquidity in the market.

Beside this, CBY climbed to a return value of over 100%.
It’s currently #38 based on the return and #28 based on the Darwinex score.
A new version will be released next month, that should improve the results further.

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