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Hello everyone. Last week I wrote a post about trading discipline issues and how I best handle them.

One of the key tools I use to help reinforce good trading discipline is to listen to trading podcasts, especially the CHAT WITH TRADERS podcasts.

The interviews give real key insights into how successful traders approach the market. The host Aaron Fifield is really good at asking traders the questions we would/should be asking if we had the opportunity to sit down with these individuals.

“Aaron’s ability to dig into the process of how his interviewees went from ‘Joe’ to ‘pro’ is unlike anything else out there.” – Craig S

I plan to share a different CHAT WITH TRADERS podcast each week. I believe these podcasts are an invaluable resource and something the Darwinex community can benefit from.

The CHAT WITH TRADERS podcasts cover a number of trading topics that should appeal to both aspiring and established traders/investors alike, including:

- Trading/Investing
- Day/Swing Trading
- Trend Following/Mean Reversion Strategies
- Quantitative Trading
- Technical Analysis
- Fundamentals/Economics
- Market Structure/HFT
- Forex/Options/Equities/Futures
- Probability/Risk
- Psychology
- Personal Development

Finally, I am in no way affiliated to Aaron Fifield or the CHAT WITH TRADERS brand in any way, shape or form. I just truly believe this series is a great resource that can benefit the Darwinex community to help us grow as traders & investors, by learning from those who have been successful in their respective trading pursuits.

Thank you for your time.


Fun Fact. Darwinex used to be a sponsor of that podcast for a short time. :wink:


Lol. Yes I actually listened to that episode last week as it goes


EP 082: How to become the trader you wish you were w/ Morad aka @FuturesTrader71

Morad/FT is a short term Futures Trader. In the conversation with Aaron he goes into detail on how new traders can learn a new skill, how to measure your progress besides PnL, how to remove attachment to the outcome, and how Morad uses a regressive risk management strategy.

Morad also highlights the importance of edge and your ability as a trader to execute on said edge.

Great insights from both a technical and psychology standpoint.

To listen click here

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EP 064: The casino edge, mean reversion strategies, and how to develop robust trading systems w/ Nick Radge

In this episode Nick Radge discusses with Aaron, Mean Reversion strategies and why they may appeal to certain traders, the importance of trade frequency when developing a system, which then leads into the characteristics of a robust trading system.

Nick also provides emphasis on trying to break and stress test systems through rigorous backtesting – rather than simply trying to develop the “best system”.

To listen click here