CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 64 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.



EP 070: Specializing, automating, and using stats for high probability trade setups w/ Jeff Davis

Jeff is a day trader who specializes in the S&P futures, and predominately trades a mean-reversion strategy which is built upon data and statistical probabilities.

In this interview Jeff talks about his prop days, risks of being a one-man-business, automated trading, specializing, statistics, and more.

Jeff outlines what all traders should strive for, “It’s not what you add, it’s what you takeaway. Do less, do it better, and do it bigger!”

This interview is one of my favorites. Great insight that really opens your mind to simplifying your process. To listen click here


A vaguely similar podcast show (250+ episodes) interviewing traders and actors of the industry. The host ask less quality and a bit redundant questions to my taste, but still enjoyable. A bit shorter format than Chat with Traders

The latest update, from a trader I enjoy following on Twitter, practicing order flow analytics through the Bookmap platform, asking himself questions many other trader types do other ways. Different tools, same goal. At least, the tips here are about precise


Thanks EvidenceAlpha. I will check this out


Yet again another trading podcasts serie

The host Twitter account is excellent

EP 101: Latching onto trends, strategic business moves, and breaking the norm w/ Siam Kidd

Siam Kidd, from Norwich in the UK, is a former-air force pilot, turned retail trader.

Aaron and Siam discuss his shaky beginnings as a trader, his rock bottom moment, and how he trades currency pairs—using a technical-driven approach, with the goal of catching major trends when they happen.

At the end of this interview, Siam poses the rhetorical question “can you get rich from trading alone?” Siam explains why he got into business, and how he went from owning one business to now owning fifteen businesses.

A very enjoyable interview. To listen click here



EP 028: How to avoid ‘predicting’, the purpose of options markets & the 7 components of profitable systems w/ Andrew Falde

Andrew Falde, left a career in commercial real estate when the Global Financial Crisis hit in 2008 to focus his attention on becoming a trader, working at SMB Capital.

Andrew talks about one common mistake made by many novice traders: Trying to predict the market. It’s unnecessary and potentially dangerous to your P&L. Instead of predicting, think of your trades as a series of ‘if – then’ scenarios.

Andrew provides at the end of this interview an overview of the 7 Steps to System Trading Success; why risk is the most important factor to consider, and why the projected return is not as important as most people think.

Personally I think Andrew’s 7 Steps part of this interview is an invaluable piece of information that will help most traders, whether novice or experienced.

To listen to whole interview click here

To listen to the 7 COMPONENTS part, go to MIN 52:43 of video

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EP 030: The logic of trend following, and how to improve your trader psychology with Market Wizard, Tom Basso

In this episode Aaron interviews Market Wizard, Tom Basso, president of former money management firm, TrendStat.

As Tom started to experiment with trading from a $2000 account, he consecutively lost money for the first few years before things started to turnaround. Tom went from trading his own money, to forming TrendStat and managing other peoples money. At the peak of his career, TrendStat managed $600million dollars of capital.

Tom discusses the ‘ah-ha’ moment that came out of a trade which made 5X his account, and how this forever changed the way he viewed markets.

A very informative interview that shows a pathway from novice to top-tier trader. To listen click here

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EP 120: A crash course in long-term investing—for short-term traders w/ Mebane Faber

Mebane Faber is the founder and CIO at Cambria Investment Management.

Aaron & Meb discuss some simple ways that active traders can capitalize on the opportunity and compounding effect that (somewhat passive) longer-term investing has to offer.

Meb also describes why a written investment plan should be compulsory, to combat emotional decisions and increase accountability. And how to think about portfolio investing goals.

At a time when the Darwinex community is trying to figure out the best way to compile profitable Darwin portfolio’s, maybe this interview can help.

To listen click here


EP 096: An eight year overnight success story, and a thirst for momentum w/ Nico

Nico is a day trader with a thirst for momentum.

His story is one which many traders will be able to relate to, on one level or another. The short of it is; Nico placed his first trade in 2007, made 4x on his starting capital year one, and then slowly bled his trading account for the next seven years.

He’s now found his groove, but his overnight success was eight years in the making.

To listen to Nico’s story click here


EP 043: Buying stocks in uptrends, managing risk, and tips for long term survival w/ Jon Boorman

Jon Boorman, currently of Broadsword Capital has previous experience running a trading desk, being an assistant to a portfolio manager, and has also been a prop trader. Now days Jon trades independently while also managing assets for others.

Jon shares the reinvention process he went through and why he began to question his beliefs about markets (and more specifically, the indicators he’d previously relied on).

He discusses why the simplicity of trend following can be both, a gift and a curse. Jon explains this as one of the main reasons why traders can find it challenging to stick with the approach.

Finally, Jon’s provides tips for long term survival, and why you should set goals that are process oriented and not outcome oriented.

To listen click here


EP 048: Trading a framework of your own, and using models to study price behavior w/ Linda Raschke

Linda Raschke has been an active trader since 1981, when she started out on the floor of the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange as an options market maker. In 1992, Jack Schwager interviewed Linda for the New Market Wizard’s book.

With the notion that 80% of your profits are likely to come from 10% of your trades; Linda shares her objective of waiting for big money flow, and not forcing anything.

Linda also passes on some very solid advice, targeted towards younger traders.

To listen click here


EP 056: The makeup of successful traders & observations from a veteran broker w/ Matt Zimberg

On this episode Matt Zimberg of Optimus Futures discusses with Aaron how traders should go about developing their own methodology, plus three building blocks that should be understood and implemented by all traders.

They also explore the topic of returns – how traders should manage expectations, and how independent retail traders differ from large Wall Street hedge funds.

Finally, Matt discusses the overlap between trading and gambling, the actions that will put you at risk of ruin, and why professional trading should be boring.

Really great advice in this episode. To listen click here

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EP 164: How to scalp ASX stocks and make a pretty penny w/ Nick Fabrio

Nick Fabrio had surpassed (Net profit: $1,000,000+) within his first three years, trading catalysts on the Australian stock market. And all along, he’s been a self-directed ‘retail’ trader.

Aaron & Nick discuss various topics, including Nick dealing chips at The Star casino to receiving threats from a company’s lawyers as well as analyzing market depth and specific trading tactics.

An interesting discussion. To listen click here

EP 176: Can the family breadwinner become a full-time trader? w/ Alex, @TAGRtrades

In this episode, Aaron and Alex @TAGRtrades provide advice for a 38 year old full time worker with kids who is looking to transition into a full time trader.

In this episode they advise upon how swing trading can be a practical and viable approach to take, while continuing to work a full-time job—and how it’ll teach a burgeoning trader to take losses better. They also discuss how to make swing trading your “side hustle” and use it to build confidence before making the jump to full-time trading.

An important component discussed is not to try to create a massive playbook of setups right away, or shoot your bullets everywhere. Start with one thing, get consistent, then build out.

To listen click here

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EP 021: @AdamHGrimes explains how to identify a trading edge & gives a realistic breakdown of ‘the path to becoming a trader’

Adam Grimes trading career dates back almost 20 years. He is the Chief Investment Officer of Waverly Advisors, and host of the Market Life podcast.

Aaron and Adam have an in-depth discussion on learning and identifying ineffective trading methods that simply do not work.

We continually hear pro traders throwing around the term of having an edge, Adam breaks down what this really means, and how to determine whether you have an edge or not by understanding probabilities and randomness.

Adam also debates which patterns are generally more reliable; those that can be identified by the majority, or those that are harder to find?

A very insightful and informative discussion that will benefit anyone who listens. Click here

EP 162: The formula for how to become a 7-figure day trader w/ @MikeBellafiore

Mike Bellafiore is the co-founder of New York City prop trading firm, SMB Capital. Mike is also the author of One Good Trade and The Playbook.

Aaron and Mike breakdown how you can formulate a plan for becoming a 7-figure day trader. Mike is well-qualified to speak on this subject, because he’s mentored and lead traders within his own firm to reach this level of trading success.

There are no quick fixes packed into this episode, but there is real value—if you listen carefully, take notes and intentionally act on some of Mike’s suggestions, it can make a difference over time to your trading.

To listen click here

Now that Darwinex has added stock trading to its offering, it is interesting to note that both books are excellent for studying that type of market, as they contain many detailed analysis of specific trades executed by traders working under his mentorship.

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Yes I agree. I watch a lot of the SMB Capital videos and even though their content focuses on stock trading, the fundamentals they preach can be adopted by traders no matter what asset classes they trade. I am not in agreement with their ‘sizing up’ on certain trades philosophy though. Goes against my personal risk averse ways!


EP 169: Strategies die, skills survive w/ Jack Ma

Jack Ma is a proprietary futures trader from Sydney and the head trader of Minter Capital.

During this conversation, you’ll hear about Jack’s progression over the past 5-years—breakthroughs and lessons learned, plus his thoughts on trading as a skill (not a strategy), gaining an edge, mindset and competitiveness.

To listen click here

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EP 182: An eight year overnight success story; three years later w/ Nico, @InefficientMrkt

Nico is an intraday equities trader. His area of expertise lies in low float, micro cap stocks, near-exclusively playing the short side of overextended moves.

Nico and Aaron spoke 3 years ago, which was memorably titled, “An 8-year overnight success story.” Now picking up where they left off, they discuss what’s been happening as of late.

The most notable development being; after many years trading retail, Nico has gone into proprietary trading with Seven Points Capital. Going one step further, he has also established and heads up the firms’ San Diego office.

During the second half of this episode (from 40:20), Aaron asks Nico to share how he’s evolved as a trader in recent years—or more specifically; what has changed, what remains the same and what’s been fine tuned.

To listen click here