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Check Darwins on a Filter

It would be a good point to add check info about filters.

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Hi Toneti777,

Do you mean info of validations done over filters or is it about other aspects? Could you provide an example of method or API to which you would like to have more info about?


I want to list a Darwins which are in on a filter at the moment for example. Check it every day and see what Darwin in or out of a filter.



I agree with @Toneti777, now it is possible to check if a known DARWIN would fit certain filter (just checking their history), but it is not possible to access not-known DARWINs that meet our criteria.

I believe having this option would make backtesting tools avoid survivorship-bias, empowering the creation of such tools.

I think of some API requests I would like to:

  • /filterslist -> Retrieve my list of filters created on the website or through API [{“name”, “id”, "parameters: { } }, …]
  • /filters/{filtername} or /filter/{filterid} -> Returns something like [[name, d-score, return, drawdown, other properties], …]
  • /filters/new -> input {“parameter”: value, …}, output {“name”, “id”, "parameters: { }}
  • /filters/delete, modify, etc

In the second option “/filters/{filtername}”, I would suggest adding a “date” input value to check DARWINs who met the criteria in the past. Probably not in the endpoint, but as a parameter to the API request.

I hope this proves useful.


Having filters in API is a must, as filters helps to find new oportunities instead of having to download full darwinex database to copare which unknown darwins meet your criteria