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CIS - profithunterpro

The challenge with copytrading sites, PAMM accounts, Hedge Funds is delegating control over your risk. Someone other than you manages your unknown (your risk). And he’s got access to the Turbo Button: leverage.

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Wowww CIS, congratulations!

Another great month…you should ilustrate us about your Good Money strategy!

Amazong performance, keep it up!!!


Thank you!
It was not easy, but we did it. I congratulate all Investors and thank all of you for your trust! :blush:


@Profithunterpro. Good work !
One question. Why do you have so little own equity in your accounts? In Darwinex and another big A… With such trading, I think you can invest more and increase investor confidence.


There are countries in Eastern Europe where people work for 400€ or $ whole month.
He has 6 times that in the account and he trades at 10%VaR now,before it was much higher VaR,not like some guys who have much more in their accounts and trade at 1%VaR like my institutional friend ZVQ who has 1.3Mil AuM or ERQ who trades at 0,12% VaR his7k$. Or THA who trades his 10k at 1.77% VaR.


This is my long-term psychological strategy.
At the beginning of my path as a trader, I could afford quite a small (even compared to the current) risk capital. I prefer to reinvest only those funds that I earn by trading. Plus there are other needs. Slow growth of your own deposit is more reliable. I gradually get used to managing more and more personal funds and do not feel the psychological pressure when opening deals, as it would if I invested most of my money.
I hope you also don’t risk everything that you have? :wink:


Congratulations @profithunterpro. Very very impressive results. I’ve been reading the previous posts and can’t agree why LA implies martingala. If I see a discount I buy. It’s the same in trading


Thank you very much, but I don’t think that now is the time when I deserve praise…

Be happy man,you just passed the test.I was watching and was wondering if you will keep your head cool.You are trading Cable and in very difficult period.You are showing great skill.
4% per month is great result and if you can continue like this past month,you will be superstar like HFD. 8% per month, as you were printing lately, was too much.It was just a matter of time when Cable would test you.

Those red candlesticks on the chart last month are showing great discipline.You were tempted to do wrong thing on Thursday and you showed good control.That was a real test when things were already going bad in volatile market.

You have solid AuM now.4% per month will make you a lot of Performance fees each month.Look at your Divergence how it behaves.Given your great profitability and present AuM,you should start thinking to limit new investments sometime in future.To reward and protect your early Investors. It can happen some big Investor or group of them puts suddenly 500k in your darwin and cause you troubles.When you start sending 5Mil.trades to the market,there will be Divergence and it will only get worse.Sure,you can split your trades in half,but that is pain in the ass for manual trader and only a temporary solution for a trader with such high profitability as you.

Keep this thing rolling and Good luck!


Thank you! It’s real support for me :hugs:


Hello, i just bought you as my first Darwin, looking forward to seeing how this goes over the next year. Keep up the good work.


Thank you very much! :blush:


Hey @profithunterpro if you are wondering who the new big investor is that has put £70k+ into your darwin over the last few days that would be me! keep up the solid work, im excited to be on this journey with you.


Hey @JBMExecutive! I saw you in the list of Investors :slight_smile:
Thank you for your trust!

Thank you all guys! And thanks to the leadership of Darwinex for the opportunity for us all to find each other on this site :+1:t2::hugs:


@profithunterpro solid day today, keep up the good work.


Friends, many of you know that in addition to Darwin, I sell trading signals. I am glad to inform you that I decided to close all my signals and focus on working with real investors, that is, with you. Last months, I have had the feeling that selling signals can adversely affect my activity in general, since there are no guarantees that my transactions do not extend much beyond the accounts of subscribers. This could significantly increase the overall load on my transactions and make them more vulnerable to large forex players. I am not sure about this, but there is such a possibility and I decided to minimize it. So, I closed all of them.
Such is the news today.
All profit and good mood.
We continue to work :wink:


That is a wise decision if you feel like it may have an effect on your trading in general.
Investors do deserve the best version of you / and your strategy, possible.
Wish you the best of luck!

Kind regards,


keep up the good work. I vouch for your system at myfxbook.

Best Regards


Hi @profithunterpro
Congrats for you results and consistency!

Maybe a weekly update was not so significant but IMO you should give an update quarterly.


Hi, thank you, I do my best!)