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Closed Darwins & accountability / backtesting

First, noticed that some closed Darwins have an error 404 page whether others have their data taken away.
as opposed to
What’s the explanation ?
Should Error 404 ever happen ? A trace that the Darwin once existed needs to remain visible forever.

Now more argument. By reviewing DarwinIA winners only, I noticed all of those who closed shop officially :
While a bunch of others did not close but stopped all activity nonetheless, namely DAR, DDD, DUR, GIU, HBU, HQH, JEG, PHI, PLP, QIE, SUJ, VNT, WCC, YMG, ZDV, ZNY
If Dwx were to listen to feedback and later auto-sets them to inactive or down by some mechanism, they may disappear as well.

My question is rhetoretical to Dwx.
How do you see compatible the fact that you later wish to offer a Darwin API for analysis and control purposes and at the same hide your database of the worst Darwins, almost like the garbage / failure part of the ecosystem ?
I am not seeing backtesters perform logical projections based on incomplete available data. No serious forecasting / study would be possible in such context.

As a trader which I plan to be on futures, I may be happy to hide my failed accounts. I understand that it is good business for myself and for Darwinex to scratch the bad and keep the good.
Nevertheless, to be honest, it will be also unfair when superstar Darwins get too many investors when their pilot has blown 5 accounts in the past. Investors could take this whole picture under consideration as a simple (but inaccurate, just like most other criterias) rule of thumb of precaution and it would even up investments amongst more diversified Darwins if investors had an history of all the Darwins and not only the tip of the iceberg.

If we split the pea in half, I would arguably be fine with the closed Darwins being kept away from the public eye, however their whole historical data should be accessible by the upcoming API to the programmers wanting to elaborate portofolios from the past into the future.



More words on this.
My belief is that Dwx needs to pay extra caution on preventing enthusiastict investor clients to be deceived.
What strikes me the most about the social trading investors is their willingness to dream. They jump without hesitation on the most fantastic and unreal strategies - sometimes lacking enough history to boot - while forgetting that the highest rewards might come with the highest risk. Their decisions seem proporionnal to a form of despair. That’s the problem of lacking education and confusing a true edge with an overfitted trading passing through a favorable period which will soon enough revert to the mean. The basket of strategies is so huge it will always happen.
There are a handful of go-lucky investors who therefore will experience saddening or traumatic experiences which will let their mouth dry when talking out on their adventure.
Consequently, in some way, hidding some of the Darwin failures will participate in the creation of an alternative truncated reality and it will feel as a lack of cautionary word which imho is a wrong long-term bet to build a faithful audience and keep quiet the haters.

I would whole heartidly encourage Dwx to trust but never fear to become more and more comprehensive and transparent on all fields, even more than competitors and what’s anticipated. When you know the truth you swallow it down then move on by focusing on making the best arrangement around it and planning for the future. When your view is clustered otherwise you keep wondering about unfinished answers, back off from action and search to accusate the wrong guilty.


I think we are in the “far west phase” of Darwinex and maybe this is a bit intentional.
Juan is adopting the “laissez faire” policy.
Freedom may be dangerous but creates more opportunities.
They want to select traders but also investors.
But perhaps time has come to call some sheriffs. :wink:


i just came across to read the Darwinex Interview with CNG , the fund is 0 but there is 41k AUM … Not sure any of the investors aware of this.


Back before Reloaded, I had extracted a lot of performance datas of Darwins before they were delisted.
Now under Reloaded, there is no way to check those delisted Darwins’ and their translated newer values anymore
All in all, I am now missing data for about 25 Darwins which make all my long time studies useless. In fact, portofolio simulations which are missing 1 or 2 Darwins now are corrupted

I really wish that you would leave a permanent trace of all Darwins, even those that are interrupted. To lock/close a Darwin would be a better status than the ability to delist it from eye sight. It should remain publicly available. If a trader really wish to hide history then he could still create a new username to break the link of old and new trading.

I really miss the degree of transparency of everlasting public records that can be found on Collective2 and makes for an accountable platform. May you consider such revision

PS : I gather data every beginning of month and from time to time this interval is still not tight enough to discover a recently delisted Darwin. So I lose a full month of data instead of maybe a couple of days. Gathering data at a daily pace would suit an API but untill then we are not equipped to exploit properly Darwinex manually


Don’t kid each others, the delisted Darwins are usually bad stories. Keeping them away leads to less contrast between the available offer that can be traced. If we think closely, I believe it can to some extent be considered an unfair practice by the best Darwins still listed because when the global offer is more even artificially, they then lack to be put more into perspective. More failures to be shown would make the best Darwins even more attractive and emphasize on their edge and positive survival bias

Have a good weekend !


Darwinex can say it is an exchange and like stock exchanges do delist companies so Darwinex delists DARWINs. Stock exchanges don’t keep a catalog with the delisted companies names and their stock performances so why would Darwinex?. :smiling_imp:

The fact that in an industry like social trading, which already has a rock bottom reputation, this kind of behaviour doesn’t help a bit, it’s a different discussion. :wink:

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Yes correct but stock data is usually recorded and sold from many sources (data vendors) so ultimately even if delisted one could grab the history, even if at a cost. Anyway, it would not be lost forever in all cases. We have no way to record live data from Darwins. We would be able to record Darwinex trading data from MT4 or another software but not Darwins

I know that Collective2 keeps closed strategies indefinitly to see for regulation reasons. Maybe they would not do it if it was not mandatory. Anyway, the US regulator feel that it’s a better practice for the investors so maybe it’s a route to mimic for the sole sake of it

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Life and technology is full of delisted things: dinosaurs, steam engine, CRT screens…
If you want something that work you have to look forward to understand if survirvors are the best or just lucky.
Coca Cola is the best since one hundred years, or maybe it is very lucky and it is lasting one hundred years… :smiley:
If I lost some bucks with Tiscali in the the bubble of 2000 the fault is mine not of our Milano Stock Exchange…


The fact that some darwins that don’t trade since many months like HBU are still here and shows that it isn’t Darwinex that delist Darwins but the provider that closed the shop.

DWEX was composed by 40 darwins out of 1000, so it doesnt’ seem that Darwinex is trying to convince pepole that finding profitable darwins is easy. And the selection was closed at breakeven! :smiley:

Darwinex puts some rules but the environment will be profitable if both traders and investors will improve.
I lost some money copying on eToro, but I wasn’t forced by anyone, so the fault was mine and of my ignorance.